Hunting Tips - Caring for Your Campsite

PROMO 660 x 440 Hunting - Rifle Scope Snow - Wikimedia

Camping can cause significant impacts on public lands. You can minimize much of your impact by following these guidelines:

* Hundreds of campsites have been established over the years and are apparent along many forest service and BLM roads. Use established areas as much as possible.

* Camping is limited to 14 consecutive days at all campsites.

* Campsites must be at least 100 feet from streams, lakes or riparian areas.

* Occupy as small of an area as possible. Avoid trampling grass and shrubs.

Hunting Tips - Becoming a Real Straight Shooter

PROMO 660 x 440 Hunting - Rifle Scope Snow - Wikimedia

"Do you know how to shoot straight?"

While some people might take offense at such a question, it is one that big game hunters need to ask themselves every year. Shooting an animal with a high-powered rifle, no matter the distance, is not a natural skill. Hunters must know the capabilities of their rifles, the intricacies of their scopes, the characteristics of their ammunition, the distance of their targets and their own competence for setting up for a fast shot at an animal.

Hunting Tips - Be Sure to Know Where You're Hunting

PROMO 660 x 440 Hunting - Rifle Scope Snow - Wikimedia

Harvesting a deer or elk in the wrong Game Management Unit is not only illegal, it can be very expensive. Consider the experience of an Oklahoma couple hunting in southwest Colorado.

A Colorado Parks and Wildlife officer drove into their camp late one morning during the first rifle season. When he asked how the hunt was going the husband explained that they had each killed a cow about a mile away from their camp.

The officer congratulated them and then asked to see their licenses. After looking at the licenses he asked exactly where they'd hunted.

In the Back Country - Be Bear Aware

PROMO Outdoors Bear

There have already been several people/bear interactions this year.  The Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) website has many great resources for those exploring the Colorado outdoors.  Before heading out to enjoy the Colorado outdoors take a minute to learn how to be "Bear Aware" and enjoy a safe hike or camping trip.  If you are camping or hiking west of Interstate 25 there's a good chance you are in bear country.  According to the CPW website, "Bears that learn that people have food routinely visit camp sites, picnic areas and resorts in hopes of finding an easy meal.&n

Water Engineers Honored for Creating John Martin Conservation Pool

PICT - Jet Ski at John Martin Reservoir - CPW

Three state water engineers who were instrumental in breaking a 40-year deadlock between Colorado and Kansas to secure water for a permanent fish and wildlife conservation pool in John Martin Reservoir were honored Thursday by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission at its meeting here.

For their "outstanding support of Colorado's wildlife," CPW Director Bob Broscheid praised recently retired State Engineer Dick Wolfe, Steve Witte, Arkansas River Basin division engineer, and Bill Tyner, deputy Arkansas River Basin engineer.

Vanishing Ice Presentation at Rocky Mountain National Park

Outdoors - Horseshoe Park, Rocky Mountain National Park - Wikimedia

For centuries, the Rocky Mountains have captivated humans with their jagged peaks, magnificent waterfalls, and serene alpine lakes. However, millions of years ago visitors to this area would have been greeted with a drastically different view, as hundreds of feet of ice blanketed this land. When these glaciers that once dominated Colorado retreated, they created the awe-inspiring landscapes we revel in today.

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