Colorado Conservation Tillage Association Receives National No-Till Innovator Award

PROMO 64J1 Agriculture - Center Pivot Fields Irrigation Green Farm - flickrcc - USGS - public domain

The Colorado Conservation Tillage Association was recognized at the 27th Annual National No-Tillage Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana as the recipient of the No-Till Innovator Award in the Organizations category for 2019. 

With members in Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, CCTA strives to serve the conservation and no-till producers of the High Plains. The nonprofit provides education on systems that reduce soil erosion, conserve soil moisture, build organic matter, and result in greater profit for farm operations.

The Future of Sustainable Cattle Ranching

We are on a dangerous path towards the overconsumption of our planet's finite resources. Things like overfishing, fracking for fossil fuels, and the destruction of land for farming and ranching are taking a toll on our planet, leading many to take up the fight for conservation. People are using electric cars and charging stations, reducing their plastic consumption, and being mindful of their eating habits and the ingredients in their products.