From the Extension Agent’s Desk - Arthritis and Agriculture

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By Jeramy McNeely, CSU Extension Agent

According to recent studies, arthritis affects approximately one-third of all adult farm and ranch operations and is considered one of the leading causes of disability by customers of the USDA AgrAbility Project.  It tends to affect most ag industry workers in their hands, knees, and hips mainly because these are the joints that take the most pressure. 

AT&T, Farm Bureau Support Wildfire Victims Through Text-to-Donate

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As communities begin rebuilding and gathering funds to help victims of Colorado's wildfires on the Eastern Plains, AT&T and the Colorado Farm Bureau Foundation have launched a text-to-give campaign to help spread the word.  Residents of Logan and Phillips counties recently experienced destructive wildfires on the Eastern Plains destroying over 32,000 acres of land, homes and structures, over 500 miles of fence and hundreds of cattle.   

Bent-Prowers Cattle & Horse Growers Annual Meeting Coming April 1

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The Bent-Prowers Cattle & Horse Growers Association donated $1,000 to the Northeast Colorado Fire Disaster Fund during its March board meeting. The disaster funds were an opportunity for local ranchers to help their fellow ranchers in Phillips and Logan counties needing assistance with fire recovery.

The six-county board also voted to nominate Curtis Russell of Sugar City for Colorado Cattlemen's Association Southeast Colorado Quarter representative. Current rep Bill Hancock of Rocky Ford has declined to seek another term.