Act Now to Protect Your Hay from Winter Wildlife Damage

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Anyone who relies on hay to feed livestock during the winter should start planning now to protect that valuable crop from deer and elk.
During winters with deep snow, deer and elk will look for easy sources of food and unprotected hay stacks are an attractant, explained Chris Kloster, game damage coordinator for Colorado Parks and Wildlife. If haystacks are poorly protected the animals can quickly get to hay and consume large amounts.

First Confirmed 2017 Case of Equine West Nile Virus in Colorado

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A horse residing in Larimer County has been diagnosed with West Nile Virus; this is Colorado's first confirmed case of WNV in a horse in 2017.  This index case was diagnosed by Colorado State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory in Fort Collins on August 02, 2017.

Vaccines in horses have proven to be a very effective prevention tool.  Horses that have been vaccinated in past years need an annual booster shot.  If an owner did not vaccinate their animal in previous years, the horse will need the two-shot vaccination series within a three to four-week period.

Microloans Available to Beginning Farmers and Ranchers

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As someone who grew up in rural Iowa, I know about the importance of working capital to prospective new farmers and ranchers. Now, for qualified applicants, that capital is available. Individuals with a dream to farm have acted by the thousands to take advantage of a USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) program that provides "Microloans."  You may be able to do it, too.

CSU Researchers Seek Samples of Corn Bacterial Leaf Streak

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The Crop Pathology Lab at Colorado State University is conducting a survey in an effort to monitor Bacterial Leaf Streak (BLS) disease in corn fields this growing season. The project has been funded by the Colorado Corn Administrative Committee (CCAC) and the Foundation for Food and Agricultural Research (FFAR), with the goal of determining the distribution and severity of the disease in Colorado. 

New Executive Director for Colorado Wheat Organizations

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The three Colorado wheat organizations, Colorado Wheat Administrative Committee (CWAC), Colorado Association of Wheat Growers (CAWG), and Colorado Wheat Research Foundation (CWRF), are pleased to announce that Brad Erker, of Fort Collins, Colorado, has been selected to serve as the next Executive Director for the organizations.

Controlling Volunteer Wheat to Control Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus

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If you're a wheat farmer, you're hopefully feeling good about finishing harvest, yields being up, and prices being slightly higher!  It has truly been a pretty good year in Kiowa County and with talks of a monsoon season, it will hopefully keep on being good.  Of course if we do get some much needed moisture, it can pose some problems when it comes to controlling weeds and volunteer wheat in our wheat stubble. 

Appointments Announced for State Ag Commission

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The State Agricultural Commission formulates policy with respect to the management of the Department of Agriculture. The Commission also advises and makes recommendations to the Governor and General Assembly.

For a term expiring March 1, 2019: Rebecca Lynn Larson of Longmont, an Unaffiliated, from the Second Agricultural District to serve as a member from the State at-large, and occasioned by the resignation of Susan Kay Petrocco of Brighton, appointed.