Eads couple drives millions of miles without an accident

PICT Road Driving - Wikimedia

Imagine driving over three million miles - safely.

That's exactly what the husband and wife truck driving team Danny and Cindy George of Eads have done over the span of their 15-year career with U.S. Xpress. The couple have received 14 previous safety awards from the company.

Danny and Cindy, along with three other drivers, were honored in Chattanooga, Tennessee, October 25 for reaching the three-million-mile safe driving mark.

Prowers County wins $25,000 grant for new website and digital marketing campaigns

PICT Main Street Lamar - wikimedia

The Prowers County Lodging Tax Panel, an appointed group of volunteers charged with promoting tourism in Prowers County, announced it has won a $25,000 Marketing Match Grant from the Colorado Tourism Office to develop a website and engage in digital marketing strategies that promote Prowers County.

Prowers County has never had the benefit of a dedicated tourism website, leading to missed opportunities by visitors. With a website, the Lodging Tax Board can consolidate all tourism-related information in one place and present the county with one voice and brand.