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Advocates applaud new Colorado eating disorder bills, despite stripped down scope

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(Colorado Newsline) Two new Colorado laws that address eating disorders are a big step forward for treatment and prevention in the state, advocates say.

The laws limit the use of body mass index in determining treatment, ban the sale of diet pills to minors and create a new educational program within the state's health department.

Outdoor recreation, tourism, energy industries in Colorado nervously eye debt-limit deal

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(Colorado Newsline) Memorial Day is the unofficial kickoff to the summer tourism season in Colorado's high country, where cities and counties heavily reliant on outdoor recreation dollars on huge swaths of federally owned land are nervously watching Congress wrangle over the debt ceiling.

Memorial Day a time to remember veterans who gave their lives

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This story comes to Newsline from the Iowa Capital Dispatch.

(Colorado Newsline) For some people, Memorial Day means the start of summer, a long weekend to kick back, relax and enjoy the lake or a steak. For others, it is a time to remember veterans who gave their lives for the country.

Each service member, living and dead, means something to their communities, families and fellow service members.