Eads couple drives millions of miles without an accident

PICT Road Driving - Wikimedia

Imagine driving over three million miles - safely.

That's exactly what the husband and wife truck driving team Danny and Cindy George of Eads have done over the span of their 15-year career with U.S. Xpress. The couple have received 14 previous safety awards from the company.

Danny and Cindy, along with three other drivers, were honored in Chattanooga, Tennessee, October 25 for reaching the three-million-mile safe driving mark.

Prison escapee pursued, captured following chase in Kiowa County

PROMO LAW Kiowa County Sheriffs Car - Chris Sorensen

Shortly before 9:00 a.m. Thursday, Kiowa County Deputy Quinton Stump clocked a vehicle at 121 miles per hour on Highway 287 south of Eads. The speed limit in that area is 65 mph.

When the vehicle failed to stop, a chase ensued the with speeds reaching 130 mph. The vehicle continued south into Prowers County and turned on to Highway 50, heading east toward Lamar.

Officers from the Prowers County Sheriff's Office, Lamar Police Department and the Colorado State Patrol joined the chase. Attempts to use "stop sticks" during the pursuit failed.