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Community college athletes could earn $48 per Instagram post under the right conditions

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With all the hype surrounding lucrative endorsement deals for athletes at Division I schools, it's easy for people to get the impression that players at smaller schools - and community colleges in particular - could be left behind in what is now known as the "Name, Image, Likeness era."

Choosing university or college courses? 5 questions for students to consider

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The sudden shift from on-campus teaching to remote learning in March 2020 changed the ways university and college faculty taught courses. While some professors reverted to old ways after returning to campus, others sought new approaches. The result is a mixture of different types of courses available to university and college students.

9/11 survivors’ exposure to toxic dust and the chronic health conditions that followed offer lessons that are still too often unheeded

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The 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York resulted in the loss of 2,753 people in the Twin Towers and surrounding area. After the attack, more than 100,000 responders and recovery workers from every U.S. state - along with some 400,000 residents and other workers around ground zero - were exposed to a toxic cloud of dust.