LCC’s 83rd annual commencement ceremony rang of optimism and accomplishment

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Lamar Community College (LCC) recognized their 2022 graduates during the college's 83rd Annual Commencement Ceremony May 7 at the LCC Wellness Center's Lopes Gymnasium.

The first two speakers of the ceremony included LCC Student Body President Maddie Thompson and student Aliana Gutierrez. Thompson and Gutierrez were noted for their many personal and school-wide accomplishments at LCC, and both are members of Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Honor Society. 

The commencement address was powerfully delivered by LCC graduate and current LCC professor Mittie Helm. 

Universal access to free meals at schools can lead to lower grocery bills and healthier food purchases

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Families with children can save US$11 to $39 per month, or $132 to $468 per year, on groceries through the Community Eligibility Provision - a federal program through which high-poverty schools or districts provide free breakfast and lunch to all students regardless of family income.

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