Colorado State University offers Farm Assessments for Solar Energy program

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Colorado State University's Rural Energy Center is offering free economic feasibility assessments for Colorado farms interested in learning their cost-benefit for use of solar energy. The Center has already conducted feasibility assessments for 30 irrigated farms and 10 feedlots and has just expanded the program to greenhouses and dairies as well.

EarthTalk – What are PFASs and should we be concerned?

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Dear EarthTalk: What are PFASs and why should we be concerned about them? -- Jim Stobbins, Cary, NC

PFASs--short for perfluoroalkyl substances--are synthetic chemicals of various formulations (including PFCs, PFOA, PFOS and GenX, among others) that are used widely in various products for moisture and stain resistance. Non-stick pans, rain jackets and carpeting are among thousands of different types of consumer goods that now contain one form or another of PFASs.