EarthTalk – Is now a good time to buy an electric vehicle?

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Dear EarthTalk: I'm getting ready to join the electric car revolution now that my old clunker is getting on in age. What's the latest and greatest? And is now a good time to buy an EV? -- Doug Ellis, Sacramento, CA

Hybrid-electric cars have become more and more common on American roads since the Prius launched here in 2001. Now fully electric vehicles (EVs) are finally coming of age thanks to innovations by Tesla, Nissan, BMW, General Motors and others.

Benefits of wind energy farms for rural Colorado

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Wind energy farms have taken Colorado by storm. Where wide-open farmlands once stretched as far as the eye can see, wind turbines now pepper the landscape. Some consider the new view a wonder, as few have seen these massive modern-day windmills. Others aren't so thrilled. What can't be argued so easily, however, are the benefits that wind energy farms bring to rural Colorado.

EarthTalk - Increasing access to outdoors?

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Dear EarthTalk: Are any environmental groups working specifically to increase access to nature and the outdoors? -- Mary Pelletier, Macon, GA

No one doubts that time spent outdoors in nature is time well-spent, especially in this age of smartphones, tablets and laptops vying for our attention. Research consistently shows links between higher levels of health and well-being when people have access to parks, gardens, greenways and other natural areas.