Kiowa County 2020 sheep and goat weigh-in

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Hello from the Extension Office. I'm sorry that you have not heard much from me, but I am sure that everyone knows that the COVID-19 coronavirus situation has changed all our lives.

After a no face-to-face order was put in place, it was lightened - a little. Programs that cannot be completed virtually have been allowed. These activities must be approved not only by Kiowa County, but also by all levels of Extension.

From the Extension Agent – providing positive support

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There are so many questions in this life that no one can answer.

What makes a person tick?

Is it the worry of family at home or something more?

What makes a person "Keep on keeping on?" 

Many people find it hard to face challenges in life. I have a hard time understanding this. I wish I could tell them to just move on and press through a challenge, but many don't understand that and can't move forward.

The hardest part is finding the right attuite to keep working and moving forward. 

CSU Extension: are your kids learning valuable life skills?

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Let me ask you parents out there some questions about your youth's future. How certain are you that they will enroll and graduate from college? According to bls.gov, "69.7 percent of 2016 high school graduates enrolled in college in October 2016." And, according to cappex.com, "the official four-year graduation rate for students attending public colleges and universities is 33.3%."

From the Extension Agent - Santa’s Workshop brings youth and volunteers together for projects

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With Christmas just days away, the Kiowa County Community building was full of excited youth from the southeast area who participated in crafting led by area 4-H agents and many parents. 

With 54 busy bodies from all counties it was a blessing that we had the great volunteer help. These youngsters got to make Christmas Gnomes, Sand Art Cookie Mix, Winter Spa, Nail Art, Grinch Kabobs, and Ornaments. The kids and adults both had a great time building each one of these projects. 

From the Extension Agent – Santa’s Workshop coming

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Hello from the Kiowa County Extension Office! 

I have been quite busy since I last wrote to you. After a successful 4-H Achievement Banquet Chase Stolzenberger, Katherine Trosper, Emily and Clayton Nelson and I attended Dare to Be You camp at the Colorado State Fairgrounds. This overnight camp was a great learning experience for our southeast Colorado youth. It had many workshops that helped members with leadership as well as team building skills. Chase and Emily were counselors and helped the younger members get the best from the camp.

From the Extension Agent – June is a busy month

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Hello Kiowa County!

 It is my great pleasure to be writing this report as your new extension agent. If some of you don't know, I was hired for this position the first of April. My predecessor was Jeramy McNeely, who is still with extension, but has moved to Fremont County. I wish him the best and want to thank him for all the help he has given me starting out.