The Best Places to Ice Fish in Colorado

Fishing isn't only a summer activity. Here's our picks for the best places to ice fish in Colorado!

Chambers Lake

Chambers Lake is a 255 acre coldwater reservoir that's seven miles east of Cameron Pass on Hwy 14. The lake offers a campground and boat ramp, and the most popular fish in the lake are by far the rainbow trout, lake trout, and kokanee salmon. The inlet bay is the best part of the lake to catch trout, whereas catching kokanee salmon is best done with jigs, which feature weights molded onto hooks in the shape of various creatures.

Colorado Parks halts fishing in the 'toilet bowl' as scheduled maintenance begins

PICT Fishing at the Toilet Bowl - CPW

The City of Aspen has scheduled annual maintenance of the hydroelectric plant on the dam at Ruedi Reservoir which began Monday. During the approximately 10-day effort, Colorado Parks and Wildlife will implement a voluntary fishing closure in the 'toilet bowl,' a popular fishing hole located on the Fryingpan River at the base of the dam's outlet.