Spring allergies and fatigue: are they connected?

spring allergies

While the change of seasons is exciting, this is also a notorious time for "brain fog." In fact, 80% of people believe they feel tired because of their allergy symptoms. If you're experiencing tiredness in addition to a plethora of other irritating symptoms, rest assured that you're not imagining it--and you're not the only one. Let's uncover the fascinating connection between spring allergies and fatigue.

7 of the Most Beloved Farmer’s Markets in Colorado

The good old days have returned! Grab your wicker baskets and a couple of bucks and head out to any one of the dozens outdoor farmer's markets in Colorado.

Boulder Farmer's Market

Boulder County Farmer's Markets are run by a nonprofit organization whose mission is to bring local agriculture to the community. This Boulder market starts early on Wednesday from 4pm-8pm and Saturday from 8am- 2pm, and includes over 50 vendors from certified organic, family-run, local farms.