For Your Health: Fiber is Your Friend


By Marilyn Bay Wentz, Colorado Fruit & Vegetable Growers Association

Medical and nutritional research continues to provide a host of reasons to increase dietary fiber in our diets. Fiber consumption appears to significantly lower risks for developing heart disease, stroke, diabetes and high blood pressure.

"Increasing dietary fiber by consuming foods high in fiber, the leading source of which is fruits and vegetables, is a healthy choice," said Amy Kunugi, chair of the Colorado Fruit & Vegetable Growers Association Nutrition and Health Committee.

Kiowa County Hospital District Official Minutes for April 26, 2016


The Kiowa County Hospital District and County Board met in regular session on April 26, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. at the Bank Meeting Room.

District Board members present were: Gary Aughenbaugh, Roland Sorensen (by phone), Robert Woods, John Negley and Cathryn Anderson.

County Board members present were: Sylvia Shields, Craig Kerfoot, Dennis Pearson, Kim Harris and Lori Shalberg.

Others present: Tristen Sheridan, Braylynn Eder, Dawn Back, Wendy McDowell, Char Korrell, Priscilla Waggoner, Shannon Dixon, Cindy McLoud, Kevin Siefkas. Tom Davis and Tammy McMillan.

Parenting Your Grandchildren

By Connie Brase, MA

Most of us are ready to be grandparents whenever those darling little grand-babies come along. We've raised our kids--worried about them, provided for them, disciplined them, and watched them grow from babyhood to adulthood.

Some of us grandparents get into a situation where we must become the parents to the little ones, instead of the grandparents. This affects our lives in many ways: emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially.

Grief Assistance Available

By Connie Brase, MA

Many of us have the idea that the only time we grieve is when a loved one, an integral part of our lives, passes away. Grief is a normal response of sorrow,

emotion, and confusion from loss; it is a natural part of life.

However, ANY loss of something important to our lives can throw us into that complicated emotion.

Traumatic events include the loss of a close pet; loss of a job; loss of good health due to an illness. Even moving can be traumatic; we may be excited about going to