Dear Dietitian – What are the risks and benefits of drinking raw milk?

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Dear Dietitian,

I have a friend who drinks raw, unpasteurized milk. She claims it has many health benefits and that pasteurization of milk is unnecessary. What do you think?


Dear Jim,

The consumption of raw milk has gained popularity in recent years, and many people believe it is a healthier alternative to pasteurized milk. Let's take a look at what science says.

Long live the monarchy! British royals tend to survive a full three decades longer than their subjects

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In the U.K. it is customary to receive a personalized message from the queen on your 100th birthday - such is the relative rarity of reaching the milestone.

Prince Philip was just a couple months off, dying at the age of 99 years and 10 months.

What is mRNA? The messenger molecule that's been in every living cell for billions of years is the key ingredient in some COVID-19 vaccines

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One surprising star of the coronavirus pandemic response has been the molecule called mRNA. It's the key ingredient in the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines.