Avoid Hantavirus – Practice Prevention and Year-Round Rodent Control

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As spring cleaning gets underway, the state health department reminds Coloradans to take steps to avoid hantavirus, a rare but potentially fatal respiratory disease from a virus carried by deer mice.

People are most likely to get hantavirus by breathing in dirt and dust contaminated with deer mouse urine, droppings or saliva. More people get hantavirus in the spring and summer, often while cleaning up homes, yards and sheds.

Bent County Extension Office Hosting Mediterranean Diet Workshop

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What do vegetables, olive oil, red wine, fish, and whole grains all have in common? They are all key foods in the Mediterranean diet. 

The Mediterranean diet has been, and still is, a well-researched and popular topic in nutrition. The 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines lists this diet as one of three recommended healthy eating patterns.

Three Ways Millennials Can Help Their Baby Boomer Parents Get Fit

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Aging baby boomers who neglect their health and fitness don't just harm themselves. Their lifestyles also affect their adult children, who eventually could end up caring for them - both financially and physically - as their health declines.

Of course, that's not the only reason those adult children might feel concerned. They also may like having mom and dad around and want that to continue for years to come.

So, they have a vested interest in encouraging their parents to get fit and stay fit.

Dear Dietitian – Questions About Milk?

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I've been reading conflicting information about milk.  We've always heard that milk is good for your bones, but I've read that it does just the opposite, that the pH of milk causes us to lose bone mass.  I've read it increases mucus production, making us more susceptible to infections. Also, I've heard that cow's milk is made for cows; that humans are the only mammals that drink milk after infancy, and therefore, we shouldn't need milk at all. Please clear this up. --Jake

Dear Jake,