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Hunting Tips - Hunting Gear Checklist

PROMO 660 x 440 Hunting - Rifle Scope Snow - Wikimedia

Preparing for a hunting trip is a major effort. Listed below are a few common items that hunters often forget as they get ready to go into the backcountry. 

* First aid kit (include mole skin/duct tape for blisters); 

* Compass and high-quality maps; 

* Fire starter for use in the field; 

* Knife sharpener; 

* Extra batteries; 

* Rain gear; 

* Blaze orange vest and cap; 

* Extra fuel for camp-stove; 

Hunting Tips - Hunting and Wildlife Management in Colorado

PROMO 660 x 440 Hunting - Rifle Scope Snow - Wikimedia

Hunting provides tens of thousands of people in Colorado a unique recreational experience. But hunting goes far beyond the realm of recreation--it also provides an important wildlife management tool. 

When few humans roamed the Rockies and the Great Plains more than 150 years ago, wildlife could move over hundreds of thousands of square miles of open range. But while wild critters still have room to move around in Colorado, their interface with humans requires the attention of professional wildlife managers. 

Hunting Tips - High-Altitude Survival

PROMO 660 x 440 Hunting - Rifle Scope Snow - Wikimedia

Every year more than a few hunters must be rescued from the wilds and high country of Colorado. Hunters get trapped by snowstorms, injured in various types of accidents or simply get lost in the woods. 

Hunters must remember that altitude can affect their health and their ability to move easily. And in the Rockies, weather can change quickly with fast-moving storms dumping a couple of feet of snow in just a few hours.