Letter to the Editor

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My name is Eunice M. Weber, I'm writing this article to give you an idea of my qualifications and reasons for running for a Director on the Kiowa County Fire Protection District Board. 

I have lived in this Community for 51 years, became an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) in 1999.  In 2003, I began serving as the Kiowa County Ambulance Director.  

As the Ambulance Director, I have written several grants addressing the need of acquiring updated Ambulances and equipment for us to take care of our Community.  

Commentary - The U.S-Iran ‘Maximum Pressure’ Campaign: A new proxy war in the Middle East?

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The United States has hurled its first airstrikes in nearly a decade against Iran-backed militia forces in Iraq and Syria. Cloaked under the umbrella of a 'maximum pressure' campaign, whereby draconian U.S economic sanctions compel Iran to more worthwhile enterprises at the table of negotiations, it now seems evident, that, this 'political betrothal' is now steering the US into a new proxy war in the Middle East.

letter to the editor – We can’t afford to let our swimming pool die

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Dear Editor,

Not so many years ago, a small group of community members decided to pursue a Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) Grant for the Eads Swimming Pool. When the community found out about our plans, the response was overwhelming! Letters of support from businesses and individuals poured in. Pledges of matching in-kind donations and promises of help even at the busiest times of year were made. People who were part of building the pool originally shared their stories, photos, reasons why the swimming pool was built and their memories behind it.

Ken Buck: Honor American values throughout the year to honor our veterans

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Every year, we set aside Veteran's Day for America's heroes. But is this one day enough? 

One day per year doesn't amount to weeks spent in foxholes in the French countryside. One day per year doesn't suffice for months of day and night patrols through Fallujah. One day per year doesn't replace the years of sorrow felt over fellow soldiers fallen in Vietnamese jungles. 

We owe a debt to these men and women whose military service has ensured our way of life and our freedom. We owe a debt to them that we can never repay in full. 

Letter to the Editor - Law enforcement reality in rural Colorado

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To the Citizens of Kiowa County

I was reading an article a few weeks ago from KOAA News 5 regarding rural counties who are struggling with retention of Law Enforcement Officers. They had spoken with Bent County and Crowley County Law Enforcement, and the Fowler Police Department. 

As I was reading their statements, I could relate, and thought that maybe the citizens of Kiowa County don't realize some of what their local Sheriff's Office goes through.