Mark Hillman’s Capitol Review: Polis’ Health Care Plan Doesn’t Add Up

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Like so many Bernie Sanders Democrats, governor candidate Jared Polis keeps making promises about health care that aren't backed up basic math. Recall that the Boulder congressman wants to put all Coloradans on Medicare, except that wealthy Coloradans (like Polis) can always buy their way into a better, private system.

This is the mantra that today animates the progressive/socialist wing of the Democratic Party. Never mind that Canada, where government provides "health care for all," just set a new record for longest delays as sick patients die while waiting for treatment.

Mark Hillman’s Capitol Review: Facts are essential to trust and self-government

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Public discourse is so polarized today that Americans can't even agree on certain obvious facts for fear that they may discredit "us" or lend credibility to "them."

Intellectual honesty is indispensable to self-government.  If we are honest with ourselves, we can determine what is true or factual.  However, that discernment is complicated by agenda-driven journalism that presents facts or allegations selectively and without context.

Let's consider some obvious facts: (See documentation for these facts here.)

Opinion: Access to International Trade Critical for Colorado Ranchers and Farmers

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Let's Not Take a Step Back

If you live in Colorado, or if your business is touched in any way by any aspect of the agricultural industry, the ongoing national discussion about trade agreements and import tariffs should mean a lot to you. Colorado farmers and ranchers understand that there are a lot of things like weather and market price fluctuations that we can't control. But we can make every effort to create new market opportunities and expand the global partnerships we have worked so hard to develop for our products. 

Opinion - Missed Opportunity:  FHWA’s Infographic on the Importance of Rural Transportation

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On October 3, 2017, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) published an article and infographic titled the "Importance of Rural Transportation" in its Tuesday Transportation release. The title grabbed our attention as advocates for rural transportation. Once it was pulled up on a computer, it was very disappointing that the infographic was created with a very narrow scope. While transit is certainly important to rural transportation, the narrow scope left major roles of rural transportation unaddressed.

Opinion - Corn Farmers Already Play a Role in Governor’s Environmental Initiatives

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It will no doubt take a wide array of resources and strategies to achieve the clean air and water initiatives outlined in Gov. John Hickenlooper's executive order this month. Thankfully, the state's grain corn farmers and biofuels industry are already making a difference, and are proud to be a part of the efforts needed to achieve Hickenlooper's vision of Colorado utilizing "renewable" and "affordable energy."