Sand Creek Site Switches to Summer Schedule, Open Seven Days Per Week

Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site - Sign

The Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site will switch to its summer schedule beginning Saturday, April 1, 2017.  The park will open daily from 9 am to 4 pm, seven days a week.  This schedule will remain in effect through November 30, 2017.

The park will remain open for all three summer federal holidays - Memorial Day (May 29th), Fourth of July (July 4th), and the Labor Day (September 4th).

Friday’s Storm Damages Lake Pueblo Marina, Boats

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Lake Pueblo State Park suffered significant damage from a storm that struck the region overnight, prompting Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials on Friday to ask the public to stay away as damage is assessed and cleanup begins.

The most severe impact was reported at the Northshore Marina where docks were overturned and smashed. At least one private boat was sunk and others damaged.

In addition, Lathrop State Park near Walsenburg in Huerfano County was closed Friday due to downed power lines and wind damage. By afternoon the park had reopened but power remained out.

Movie Review - Beauty and the Beast

Movie Review 1 1/2 Stars

By Bob Garver

"Beauty and the Beast," the Disney animated classic from 1991, holds a special place in my heart. It was the first movie I saw in its original run in theaters. The film kicked off a lifelong love of movies, and in that time I've seen a scant few that were on its level. But I've also seen many worse movies, including the new live-action "Beauty and the Beast."

Turkey Hunting Class Offered

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Perhaps you want to learn how to stalk and bag your next Thanksgiving turkey. Or maybe you just want to brush up on your skills so you are ready when spring turkey season opens April 8. 
Then sign up now for Turkey Hunting 101, a Colorado Parks and Wildlife class scheduled for 6 p.m., Thursday, March 23, at the Lake Pueblo State Park auditorium.
District Wildlife Manager Gretchen Holschuh is hosting the three-hour class, which is open to everyone from novice to experienced hunters.

Movie Review - Kong: Skull Island

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By Bob Garver

I bet when most people hear the term "Viet Cong" for the first time, they snicker at a mental image of King Kong fighting in Vietnam. Almost everyone outgrows this joke in about a minute, but not the makers of "Kong: Skull Island." They've spent $190 million and years of effort making the King Kong/Vietnam crossover that nobody was demanding, but nobody's in a hurry to reject either.

Proper Tree Planting Tips for Arbor Day

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Arbor Day, an April holiday that celebrates the planting and caring for trees, is a popular time for homeowners to add new trees to their landscapes. Before doing this, however, homeowners should consider advice from expert arborists to ensure the trees' longevity.

"Too often, consumers waste hundreds of dollars on trees that will die because they were planted too deep," cautions Tchukki Andersen, BCMA, CTSP* and staff arborist with the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA).

Rocky Mountain Conservancy Program - Coyotes: The Song Dogs of the West

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Did you know that the Coyote is our country's second largest canine? Often misunderstood, the coyote has profound impact on our everyday lives. Join the Rocky Mountain Conservancy on March 25 for the Coyotes: The Song Dogs of the West class, taught by Jared Gricoskie, to learn about those impacts and why the coyote is one of the most common predators in the United States.