Letter to the Editor - Carnivores in Cattle Country

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As a young cattle producer and a mother of six, I learned how to testify at the state capitol in Denver back in the early nineties.  I would go and testify about predators killing our livestock.  I had many pictures showing the damage and the dead calves from coyotes and mountain lions in Southeast Colorado.  In fact, my very first 4-H heifer at the age of nine had her first calf killed by a coyote.  Every time I'd testify I'd also remind people that I RAISE these predators.  Yes, I supply the habitat and land and water on my private propert

Mark Hillman’s Capitol Review - We can all agree: Yes on Amendments Y&Z

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Every 10 years, Colorado must redraw the boundaries of congressional and state legislative district lines to ensure equal population. And every 10 years, Republicans and Democrats wind up in a costly court battle asking a judge to settle their differences.

Our process for drawing maps is broken. Amendments Y&Z would replace that broken process with a new 12-member commission that assures equal representation to Democrats, Republicans and independent voters.

I've been a part of both processes, and here's what I know from experience:

Gardner plans to vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh

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Colorado Senator Cory Gardner announced Friday that he will be voting yes on the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Friday, the U.S. Senate voted to end debate and move Kavanaugh's nomination forward.

The final confirmation vote is expected this weekend. The confirmation process has been contentious and included allegations of sexual assault by several women.

Secretary of State's Office asks registration group to stop confusing Colorado voters

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An organization sending mailers to Coloradans encouraging them to register for the November 6 general election is contacting already registered voters, causing anger and confusion.

The Secretary of State's office has heard from a number of voters who have received a letter from "BeRegistered," prompting Deputy Secretary of State Suzanne Staiert to contact the organization.

Mark Hillman’s Capitol Review: Polis’ Health Care Plan Doesn’t Add Up

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Like so many Bernie Sanders Democrats, governor candidate Jared Polis keeps making promises about health care that aren't backed up basic math. Recall that the Boulder congressman wants to put all Coloradans on Medicare, except that wealthy Coloradans (like Polis) can always buy their way into a better, private system.

This is the mantra that today animates the progressive/socialist wing of the Democratic Party. Never mind that Canada, where government provides "health care for all," just set a new record for longest delays as sick patients die while waiting for treatment.

Benefits of wind energy farms for rural Colorado

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Wind energy farms have taken Colorado by storm. Where wide-open farmlands once stretched as far as the eye can see, wind turbines now pepper the landscape. Some consider the new view a wonder, as few have seen these massive modern-day windmills. Others aren't so thrilled. What can't be argued so easily, however, are the benefits that wind energy farms bring to rural Colorado.