Turn black Friday into fresh air Friday with Colorado Parks and Wildlife and free park entry

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Reclaim November 29 by avoiding the shopping hysteria and getting outside for a breath of fresh air! On Fresh Air Friday, Colorado Parks and Wildlife welcomes visitors to any of our 41 state parks by providing free entry in what has become an annual tradition of encouraging Coloradans to get out and give thanks.

The Best Places for Kid-Friendly Activities in Colorado

The Best Places for Kid-Friendly Activities in Colorado

Like summer, fall is a wonderful time to get out and enjoy the effortless beauty of Colorado. Whether you hike through the mountains and admire the fall foliage or explore town parks that offer fall festivals, autumn is the perfect opportunity to get your kids outside and to enjoy the bright atmosphere of our fine state. Below we've listed a few of the best places for kid-friendly activities in Colorado--from adventure centers to dude ranches, so many areas in Colorado are ideal for children.

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