Cyber Security – Protect Yourself Against Ransonware


CryptoWall is a nasty threat known as Ransomware.  You can't make this stuff up. Cybercriminals have figured out how to lock us out of our own computers, considering that some of us might pay a pretty penny to be able to get back in.

You might ask how they can keep you from getting to your files. Good question. It's kind of like when you were a kid and a much bigger kid took your lunch box and you knew there was no way you could take it back. It's the same thing here, but with no teacher to help.

Cybercriminals at Work

Frozen Pond and Lake Safety

Safe and Prepared - Helpful Tips

Each winter, after the ice forms on Colorado's waters, outdoor enthusiasts enjoy ice fishing, ice skating and other fun winter sports.  Before going out onto a frozen lake, pond or river, it's important to take safety precautions to reduce the risk of falling through the ice.  Knowing how to judge ice conditions will also help you make more informed decisions while enjoying winter.

Carefully Check Ice Conditions

Hazardous Materials and Household Chemical Safety

Safe and Prepared - Helpful Tips

Hazardous materials, more commonly referred to as chemicals, are used regularly in our daily lives.  A hazardous material is any solid, liquid, or gas that can cause harm to humans and other living organisms.  Many products containing hazardous chemicals are routinely used and stored in homes.  They are used to grow our food, clean our homes, fuel our cars, and purify our water, which means we have to be careful about how we use and store these chemicals. 

Safety Tips 

Computer Users Beware – Don't be Fooled by False Virus Infection Messages


By Jeanne Sorensen, Plains Network Services

Recently, a large number of computer users are reporting a screen popup message that claims the computer is infected and you need to call Microsoft immediately. You may be redirected to a web page that indeed looks like a Microsoft web page with a phone number to call.

DO NOT CALL THE NUMBER! This is not Microsoft you are dealing with. Instead, you will be talking to a criminal who is attempting to gain access to your computer, and your personal information

Love is in the Air and so are the Scams

Safe and Prepared - Helpful Tips

by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, ID Theft & Fraud Unit

Romance scams affect thousands of people every year, but many victims do not believe they are victims and continue sending money.  The average loss per person is about $9,000-$10,000 and some have lost as much as $500,000, have mortgaged homes, sold vehicles, pawned family heirlooms, and taken out loans to send money.

Following a few simple steps can help reduce your risk of being scammed by a con artist Casanova.

Eat Healthier With Kiowa County Healthy Choices Program

PROMO - Cooking at Home - cutting vegetables

By Chelsea Davis

Kiowa County is proud to announce a fresh program promoting healthier eating!

Healthy Choices is a Kiowa County food voucher program designed to improve the diets of low-income families while providing an additional food supplement resource to the current programs currently offered by the Department of Social Services.

AARP: Beware of Online Scams


The internet is a wonderful place to stay in touch with friends, conduct business and get information. Scammers also really like the internet because it gives them access to the billions of people who are online every day. When you are online make sure to take proper precautions to keep your personal and financial information safe and avoid these common scams: