“Safe 2 Sturgis” Campaign Aims to Keep Motorcyclists Safe for Summer Motorcycle Rallies

Motorcycle Safety

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Region 8 are joining forces in a safety campaign to raise awareness of motorcyclists traveling to and from summer motorcycle rallies.   

For the first time, traffic safety partners in Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota are teaming up in a border-to-border initiative, entitled "Safe 2 Sturgis," to prevent motorcyclist injuries and deaths on our highways.

CDOT Addresses “Killer Habit” in New Campaign

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68 Colorado Traffic Fatalities in 2015 Involved Distracted Drivers

The first step in overcoming any bad habit is admitting you have one. And data suggests Coloradans do in fact have a dangerous habit -- distracted driving. Last year in Colorado, 15,574 crashes and 68 traffic fatalities involved distracted drivers. Aiming to reduce distraction on Colorado roadways, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is unveiling a new public safety video and campaign, calling distracted driving exactly what it is -- a Killer Habit.

Heatstroke Prevention

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Did you know that an average of 675 deaths from extreme heat events occur each year in the United States? Extremely high or unusually hot temperatures can affect your health.  Most vulnerable are the elderly, those who work or exercise outdoors, infants and children, the homeless or poor, and people with a chronic medical condition.

Today, and every day, we remind you take the necessary precautions to prevent serious health effects such as heat exhaustion or heat stroke. 

Trees: Nature's Air Conditioners

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If you have ever escaped from blazing hot sun in a shady spot under a tree, you know how these natural air conditioners can make you feel more comfortable. A mature shade tree can block up to 90 percent of solar radiation, which could translate to a significant reduction in your home cooling cost. A Pennsylvania study found that air conditioning needs could be reduced by up to 75 percent by shading a house with trees!

Internet Safety


How many electronic, internet enabled devices do you have in your home? How often are you, your family, and your children sending and receiving information via the internet?

According to one survey in 2013 there were, on average, 5.3 internet capable devices per person in North America. The same study reports that by 2018 the use of the internet in North America will increase 3.3 times. By 2018 "the average internet household will generate 150.7 gigabytes of internet traffic per month.

Campfire Safety

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Approximately 90 percent of all wildfires are caused by people.  One of the most common causes is unattended campfires.  Emergency responders need your help in keeping our forests and campgrounds safe for everyone.  There are a few key steps to making and maintaining a safe campfire.

Pick a Safe Spot