Colorado Lightning Safety Awareness Week June 19-25

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"When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors!"

Given that a half million lightning flashes strike the ground in Colorado each year, and that more people are killed and injured by lightning than any other weather hazard, Governor John Hickenlooper has declared the week of June 19 through June 25 as Colorado Lightning Safety Awareness Week.

Lightning in Colorado is most common in the summer months, but can be a hazard throughout the year. And although nearly all lightning victims are struck outdoors, lightning can pose a threat to those indoors as well.

Create a Pet Preparedness Disaster Plan

Safe and Prepared - Helpful Tips

Colorado has had its share of natural disasters.  In trying to become better prepared, you may discuss and create plans for yourselves and family, but there is one family member who is often overlooked - your pet.  One of the reasons people are most likely to return to danger zones is to save their pets.  Do you have a disaster plan in place for your pet(s)?  They depend on us for their safety, and being prepared can make all the difference in a life threatening situation. Check out the pet preparedness tips below:

Swim with a Buddy

Safe and Prepared - Helpful Tips

Playing at a water park, by a lake, or in a pool are all popular summer activities, especially on a hot Colorado day.  Swimming is a great recreational sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, but it's important to know how to be safe while you're in the water. The American Red Cross and Safe Kids Worldwide offers these important swimming safety tips you should take into consideration before you head out to the lake or pool:

Mobile Cybersecurity -Protecting Yourself When Connecting on the Go


A 2013 report indicated that 38 percent of smartphone users have been victims of cybercrime. This rate is expected to grow with mobile threats on the rise. To help fight this cybersecurity risk, the Department of Homeland Security developed the Stop.Think.Connect program. The following mobile tips are from their Mobile Security Tip Card.


Building a Disaster Behavioral Health Preparedness Kit

Safe and Prepared - Helpful Tips

My Aimee Voth Siebert, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Disasters overwhelm our city systems and infrastructure. The news often includes reports of damaged transformers or broken water lines. Because these systems are critical to a smoothly operating city, repairing those systems is a high priority.

Disasters also overwhelm people. We have our own inner systems, attention, energy, ability to organize, that get interrupted by emergency situations. These systems are equally critical to protect and repair as soon as possible.

Preparing a disaster recovery plan makes good business sense

Safe and Prepared - Helpful Tips

By Betsy Markey, SBA Region VIII Administrator

One of this region's most expensive disasters unfolded the night of Sept. 9, 2013 when over 10 inches of rain fell in a 24-hour period, devastating Boulder, Colo. and several other communities with flash floods, inflicting damage on nearly 20,000 homes and hundreds of small businesses.  Unfortunately, our region is prone to a variety of natural disasters such as flooding in North Dakota, tornadoes in South Dakota, and the 2012 Montana wildfires that scorched more than 1.1 million acres of land. 

Flood Insurance: What is Covered?

Safe and Prepared - Helpful Tips

Have you experienced flood damage to your home or business as a result of Colorado rainstorms? There are always many questions from the community on what is covered by insurance companies or other programs. The first step is to meet with your insurance agent to review your policy. Flood damage is covered under a separate flood insurance policy and not under your general policy. Flood insurance is purchased directly from your insurance agent.