Eads School Breakfast and Lunch Menu

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April 23: egg patty, toast, apple juice, milk, fruit

April 24: breakfast casserole, orange juice, milk, fruit

April 25: omelet, toast, grape juice, milk, fruit

People 26: French toast, apple juice, milk, fruit


April 23: barbecue rib sandwich, Pasta salad, Jell-O cup, milk, fruit and veggie bar

April 24: chili fiesta, lettuce, tomato, pineapple, milk, fruit and veggie bar

April 25: Turkey wrap, lettuce, tomato, peas, apple, milk, fruit and veggie bar

County Line Rivals Take Home Sixth Place in First Showing at State Wrestling Tournament

PICT Trevor Randel - February 19, 2018 - Rhonda Uhland

There comes a time in a young man's life that the dream just might be within reach.  The long practices, the cutting weight, and the dedication to the sport might just pay off.  The blood, sweat and yes, the tears, have been worth it.  The struggle that you had to live through makes the dream that much more satisfying.

Bringing 4-H Life Skills to Life


The first week in February, I was fortunate to attend the Western 4-H Institute. While there, I participated in an activity that really got me thinking. Our presenters laid out paper masks and asked us to write down all of the projects that we participated in during our own 4-H careers or program areas that we are putting together as agents.  I quickly wrote down the spattering of projects I participated in as a kid without thinking twice. After we shared with those around us, we were then handed a clear piece of film that was shaped just like the mask.

County Line Rivals Sending 7 Wrestlers to State Tournament

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If it was easy, everyone would do it!! Wrestling is not for the weak at heart and you must wear your guts on your shirtsleeves, you must give 110% to be satisfied with your performance and you must know that at the end of every match there is only one hand that gets raise.  The performance the County Line Rivals put on this weekend at Regionals was exceptional.  Each of these fine athletes came together and managed to pull off the Regional Championship in the Class 2A Region 2 tournament held in Sanford this past weekend. 

4 Ways Parents, Teachers and Students Can Reduce Standardized-Test Stress

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Standardized testing has drawn its share of criticism from teachers, students and parents. One of the most common complaints is the stress that all three groups feel - from preparation through performance.

From a young age, students take these timed tests that measure academic competency and, ultimately, whether they're college material. Countless articles on standardized testing in the U.S. point out the pressure on students to score well; that teachers are often evaluated by how their students fare on the tests; and that parents get anxiety hoping their children score high.