The Most Common Applications for PCBs by Industry

The Most Common Applications for PCBs by Industry

PCBs are used in every electronic device across many industries. They're so popular that many people use them multiple times per day without realizing it. But what are they?

In essence, PCBs are circuit boards that connect the electronic components within a device. They're constructed from a substrate and conductive material (usually copper) and can be single-sided, double-sided, or multilayered. Some PCBs are flexible, while others are rigid or a combination of the two.

Apple can scan your photos for child abuse and still protect your privacy – if the company keeps its promises

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The proliferation of child sexual abuse material on the internet is harrowing and sobering. Technology companies send tens of millions of reports per year of these images to the nonprofit National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

What is Section 230? An expert on internet law and regulation explains the legislation that paved the way for Facebook, Google and Twitter

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Almost any article you read about Section 230 reminds you that it contains the most important 26 words in tech and that it is the law that made the modern internet.

Awe-inspiring examples of lifesaving medical devices

Awe-inspiring examples of lifesaving medical devices

Technology has gone through some remarkable changes in the past few decades, especially within the medical field. The inventions and innovations we use today are truly mind-blowing. Even commonplace medical devices have the power to completely change someone's life. It's easy to look at these well-known tools and take them for granted, but sometimes, you have to take a step back and admire how many advancements we've made. Take a moment to appreciate these awe-inspiring examples of lifesaving medical devices.