Bitter Cold Coming to the Eastern Plains this Weekend – High Fire Danger Friday

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Unlike the eastern plains, temperatures will be noticeably warmer over the coming days for the western half of the state; however, conditions will also favor increased fire danger for parts of the southern mountains. Welcome to December in Colorado!

Eastern Plains

Look for a pleasantly warm Friday across the plains - but don't get too comfortable. Highs will be below freezing Friday night until at least Tuesday for most of the region, and overnight lows will drop below zero Sunday and Monday nights in some areas.

Well Below Freezing Overnight Across Colorado this Weekend

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Snow will make a return appearance in many areas over the coming days, along with overnight lows that will approach zero in some areas.

Eastern Plains

Frigid overnight temperatures will be the rule for Colorado's eastern plains over the weekend. Lows will be in the teens Friday night, and further falling into the single digits Saturday. Teens return overnight Sunday.

Friday's highs will range from the low to mid-30s in northeast Colorado to the low 40s further south.

Warmup Starts the Week – Cold Returns Next Weekend

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Sunday starts off cooler ahead of a few warm days before winter arrives - both on the calendar and in Colorado's weather. Snow may accompany the start of the season.

Eastern Plains

Freezing drizzle is expected across much of northeast Colorado Sunday, while the southeast will see patchy fog clearing through the morning. Temperatures will be much cooler than Saturday, with most of the plains reaching only low 40s.