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4-H youth use technology to change their world

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Youth around the country are using technology to make their clubs, communities, countries, and world a better place through the 4-H Tech Changemakers program.

The 4-H Tech Changemakers program has had a significant impact by inspiring teens in over 160 communities across 18 states to contribute positively. In 2021 alone, 325 teens engaged with and reached over 37,000 adults within the communities they served.

The 4-H Tech Changemakers program is an initiative designed to empower young people to tackle community challenges using technology and innovation. Founded on the principles of the 4-H organization, which focuses on youth development and leadership, this program specifically targets technology-driven solutions.

Key aspects of the 4-H Tech Changemakers program include:

  • Youth Empowerment: The program aims to empower youth by providing them with the skills, resources, and mentorship needed to develop and implement technology-based solutions. Participants are encouraged to identify issues within their communities and leverage technology to create positive change.
  • Hands-On Learning: It emphasizes hands-on learning through workshops, training sessions, and project-based activities. Participants gain practical experience in areas such as coding, digital design, prototyping, and project management.
  • Community Impact: The core focus is on addressing community challenges. Participants are guided to think critically about local issues and how technology can be applied creatively to solve them. Projects often span diverse fields such as environmental sustainability, healthcare, education, and social justice.
  • Mentorship and Collaboration: Mentorship from professionals in the tech industry and collaboration with peers are integral parts of the program. This support network helps participants refine their ideas, develop technical skills, and build confidence in their ability to make a difference.
  • National and Global Connections: While rooted in local communities, the program also connects participants to a broader network of changemakers nationally and sometimes globally. This exposure allows for sharing of ideas, learning from others' experiences, and amplifying the impact of their projects.
  • Leadership Development: Beyond technical skills, the program fosters leadership qualities such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and resilience. Participants are encouraged to become advocates for their causes and inspire others to embrace technology for social good.