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748 area code coming in 2026 for northern and western Colorado

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Starting in the first quarter of 2026, telephone customers in the 970-area code overlay region who request new service, an additional line, or to move their service may be assigned the new 748 area code. The 970-overlay region services the Western and Northern portions of Colorado. The current 970 area code is projected to run out of available phone numbers by the first quarter of 2026.

The new area code is projected to last approximately 38 years. The 303 Numbering Plan Area (NPA) was the original NPA that served the entire state of Colorado and was implemented in 1947. In 1988, the 719 NPA was created when the 303 NPA underwent a geographic split. In 1995, the 303 NPA was split again creating the 970 NPA. In 1998, the 720 NPA was implemented as an overlay over the 303 NPA.

On Nov. 20, 2023, the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC) approved an implementation schedule for the 748-area code. The new area code will not be assigned for use until the current 970 area codes have been exhausted.

Key facts about the 748-area code overlay:

  • All current customers will keep their existing phone numbers and area codes.
  • The price of a call, coverage area, or other rates and services will not change.
  • What is a local call now will remain a local call.
  • Customers in the overlay region will continue to dial 10 digits for local calls within and between the overlay area codes, and 1+10 digits for long-distance calls and operator-assisted calls.
  • Customers can still dial just three digits to reach 911, as well as 211, 311, 411, 511, 611, 711, or 811 if those are currently available in their community.

The implementation plan for the new area code will occur over a nine-month schedule that is completed at least six months before the projected exhaust quarter and includes telecommunications network preparation and direct customer education campaigns by service providers.