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About Town – February 7, 2020

Doris Lessenden

“Perfect love drives out fear.” I John 4:18

At the funeral in Eads United Methodist Church last Monday all the pews and chairs were filled and with others standing who came to honor their friend, David Crow, who died suddenly during surgery. Dave’s niece, Jalynn (Richards) Oquist, read letters of remembrance about David. Many of them recalled his delight in surprising or startling people. After David’s uncle, Rob Kelley, greeted me, I smiled when I remembered a humorous incident when Rob was in high school. I was in Room 108 conferring with some students about a science fair project when we were shocked by a huge crashing sound. No one was in sight until we saw Rob slowly rising from the floor where he tipped over a metal student desk. I thought, “Oh, to play tricks on people must run in the family.” Rob says he enjoys reading the two county newspapers. Rob and his wife, Doris, went to Arizona to drive his sister, Betty Crow, back from her winter home to her Eads home.

Last Tuesday was such a pleasant day at Prairie Pines Assisted Living Center. After I had visited some residents in their rooms, I went to greet others I had not seen who were having lunch in the dining room. Don and Esther McCoin were there to “check it out.” It was delightful to visit with these two South Dakotans who moved here from Denver. I asked him why he left his two furniture stores and factory to come to Eads, he replied, “Clyde Crow.” At that time, Clyde was building the Travelodge Motel in Eads, so he bought furniture from Don. I asked Don if he ever saw Clyde’s pigeons. With a wide smile he said, “I raised pigeons too, and Clyde and I traveled to a lot of states showing our pigeons at competitive shows.” Best of all was to hear some of Don’s stories about his six years in the military during World War II. What an awesome couple Don and Esther are.

Prairie Pines resident Doris Copland celebrated her 98th birthday Tuesday. The care takers had decorated Doris’ table with balloons and pretty drawings. Her son, and the caretakers, served the guests a choice of three cakes: carrot, red velvet, or white. The cakes were decorated in pretty designs and served with ice cream. Doris is such a sweet gracious lady. She was one of our favorite clerks when she sold fine garments in Eudora’s and Conrad’s clothing stores in Lamar.

This weekend, the Eads wrestlers will be competing in the regional tournament in La Junta with hopes to compete in the state tournament. These young men wrestle with the County Line Rivals team of young men from Eads, Wiley, McClave and Cheyenne Wells.

Between basketball games in Eads Friday night, the athletes participating in basketball, wrestling, and cheerleading were announced with their parents. This is always such a nice gesture to acknowledge our athletes and parents who represent our school and community. These young people put in a lot of extra hours of practice and travel for their sport.

There were no classes in the Eads schools last Monday because all the educators, support staff, and rooms were needed to host the large annual regional knowledge bowl. Teams and teacher sponsors come from schools way up north and to the Oklahoma and Kansas state lines to compete for a berth in the State Knowledge Bowl.

Some adults in the county are taking the time to attend meetings to be more informed about the Xcel Energy powerline installation, and about questions related to the hospital, politics, and board meetings. That is good. Remember, a need in our community is for people to get involved, to volunteer, and care more for the welfare of their neighbors in our county.

The good news: Julie (Nordquist) Zimmerman has awakened from the long coma from COVID-19 after over 70 days in the hospital. She is now in a rehab hospital for physical and occupational therapy where they allowed her to see her son and daughter for the first time!

The Eads Eagles will be playing basketball at Kit Carson February 18. That night, Trinity Lutheran ladies are offering a chance for people to donate for medical expenses by taking part in an auction or the silent auction of cakes or pies or donated items. This is to help the families of Blake Miller, who went to school there and in Eads, and now has a kidney problem. The other young man is Tel Linke, who was hit by a train in December and is severely injured. He was a wrestler at state, college cowboy at Northeastern Junior College, and is the grandson of Jaryl (Everist) Romche and the late Red and Gladia Craven. We would welcome your participation in this fundraiser for these young men.

Wednesday, Bob Alfano was so kind to move my snow with his little tractor and new blade. Later, my kind neighbor, Bill Woelk, swept my steps before he handed me my bundle of mail. Thank you to Jeanne Sorensen, who brought me a new computer keyboard, and she, too, swept my steps and a path for me. I am grateful to Gail Voss, who brought me a box of marvelous foods from the brunch. She and Areta Laird offered to come later to sweep snow for me. I am so blessed to have these wonderful friends!