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About Town – September 6, 2021

Doris Lessenden

“The Lord is near to all who call on Him.” Psalms 145:18

Some former Eads High School alumna met at the school last Sunday afternoon. We were so favorably impressed with the artwork of the freshmen students in Mrs. Britten’s class. Dawna (Howard) Weirich and Lori Beth (Weirich) Elder will be the co-chairs. Dawn (Gulley) James is the treasurer, who reported that she had written checks for Ally Spady and Colby Stoker, the 2021 college scholarship recipients from the Alumni Association. Other ladies who attended the planning meeting were Sylvia (Blooding) Weeks, Riki (Berry) Cordova, Areta (Blooding) Laird, and me. They plan to take a survey at the county fair and via post card and/or emails to assess if more people prefer the fair weekend or summertime for a reunion. Also, we do need any new mailing addresses and e-mails. They have some creative new ideas for the next all school or specified year reunions. During the county fair this week, there will be three different class reunions that I know of. The classes of 1965 and 1966 will meet in several places according to a letter from Kas (Fischer) Stewart that came this week.

The Eads First Christian Church hosted a concert by Dusty Workman, with tapes and music by his friend, Eddie Kilgallon. As he sang there were two large television screens on each side of the cross that showed numerous photos to illustrate the lyrics. The concert was followed by a delicious meal.

Kit Carson Day Saturday was eventful at the rodeo in the pasture and the barbeque, which was so delicious. I especially liked the corn on the cob and warm baked beans, a bake sale by the Trinity Lutheran Church folk, plus several vendors along the street. The Melodrama was directed by Tracey Weeks and Patsy States for three performances. Pat and Marilyn Ward were honored while sitting in the Steiner ancient vehicle (maybe a Model T?) to be the 2021 Good Scouts for their years of service to the community.

Butch and Brenda Robertson of Chivington attended the wedding of their granddaughter, Madi, to Alex Sullivan last month in the Colorado Springs area. The young couple honeymooned in Hawaii. Madi is the daughter of Hugh and Lani Robertson, who formerly attended Kit Carson School.

Next week is Eads High School homecoming week. Each day students will have designated dress days; they have a wall competition which people can see when they go to the volleyball matches. The community pep rally will be Thursday at 6:30 p.m. The homecoming king and queen will be crowned at halftime of the football game surrounded by their court.

Happy birthday to Jerry Weber, who is such a busy man in his trucking business. They are both concerned about Theresa’s health since she has been in the hospital. Their daughter, Connie, has come from Denver to help at their Sheridan Lake home.

Nadine (Steiner) Gaynor retired in 2014 but was called back to help out at the United States Farm Service office in Eads this summer. She drove from Kit Carson for many years to work. Katie Johnson of Wild Horse has been working in this career in Kansas, and now works at the office in Eads.

Billy Brandt spent many hours painting a huge mural on the north side of his mother’s store. It is awesome to see the big locomotive, a baby buffalo, and other details of the early plains’ years.

Wednesday at the county fair, poultry and rabbits will be judged at 1:00 p.m., and then the pavilion bleachers will fill up for the goat show. Then Thursday after the breakfast, the sheep, cattle, and horse shows will happen in the pavilion. Friday the Eads Chamber of Commerce will host another chuck wagon breakfast north of the bank. At 9:00 a.m. is the livestock auction. Talli Lane oversees the horse races. Besides the CPRA rodeos Friday and Saturday, there are team roping and ranch rodeos at 6:00 p.m., and a beef barbeque Friday at noon. There are some food vendors coming besides the 4-H concession stand. Do check out the exhibit hall in the community building. The big parade is Saturday at 10:00 a.m., and dance to live bands Saturday night.

For several years the Kiowa HealthMart has closed at 4:00 p.m. Now patrons will need to plan to get their groceries from Crow’s Stop and Shop before 4:00 p.m. It will be a change in our lifestyle, but we can learn to be better time managers.

We tried to call Phillip Pollreis at the senior citizens’ brunch but were not able to make the connection, so Gail Voss will call him during our September 15 noon meal. We were pleased to have more light during the meeting since the workers came from Pueblo. Now we can also take better photos. Gail will bring barbeque foods from the fairgrounds Friday for those who prefer to eat downtown at the center.

Last week, I mentioned several people’s names who had blessed me the previous week by their acts of kindness and help. Bill Woelk has brought my mail in every day since I had COVID-19 in December. Bill and his wife, Charlotte, are so kind. I am grateful to him!