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PROMO 660 x 440 People - Doris Lessenden
Published Saturday, June 2, 2018
by Doris Lessenden

"The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in Him." Nahum

There were many family gatherings during the Memorial Day week-end. Some people like Bill and Charlotte Woelk traveled over 500 miles in Colorado and Kansas to decorate graves of family members. The cemetery southeast of Eads was well groomed and so pretty with floral arrangements and flags. The same was true of the Kit Carson cemetery. I was so pleased on Sunday afternoon when we sat or stood with veteran members of the VFW Post that when the minister was announced for the message, it was Pastor Lane Gooden of Eads. He and his wife, Deborah, make such a good team! When the wind whipped his papers, he said, "Debbie," and she quickly came from the sidelines to hold his papers more still for him to deliver one of the better sermonettes that I have witnessed over many decades.

Ken and Diana Flory of Eads drove across Nebraska and down to Kirksville, Missouri, to attend the A. T. Still University graduation of their son, Kale, who graduated with his Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree. He is going to do his residency at Poudre Valley Hospital in Fort Collins, which is also his wife, Shala's, home town. This is nice for the Flory's and for his grandmother, Dora Pearcey, who lives in Windsor, for them to visit their son and wife. Last week, Kale and Shala left on a two-week tour of Europe. Now that is a good way to celebrate many years of studies.

When one drives around town, you can see so many beautiful roses blooming, especially on the south wall of the hospital there are many gorgeous roses. I told Ruthanna Jacobs that the old fashioned yellow roses are in full bloom at her home.

I have been admiring Jenny Crow's yellow rose bushes on the corner. I was so glad Charlotte Gunning's husband, Charlie, didn't dig them all up. Marci and Frank Miller have pink roses that bloom on the north side of their home on Maine all summer long.

Friday afternoon, June 1, was the celebration of Pansy Mosher Foxworthy's 102nd birthday. She celebrated it at her home in Weisbrod. Pansy's son, Lee, and his son, Greg, came from Parker. Tonya Lane and Brandy Terracotta and other employees served lemon cake with ice cream from the Dietary Department. Pansy had been looking forward to her birthday for many months, so this was such a happy day for her.

Last week, Coach Washington directed the Triple Threat Basketball camps for all ages 

of youth from morning and into the evening in the Eads gym. Coach Washington visited Eads schools during a winter game and was especially interested to share his skills with youth in our area.

President Mike Weirich chaired the annual dinner meeting of the Eads Consumer's Supply also known as the Co-op and "Home Town Grill." The Board of Randy Carney, Jeff Salisbury, Barry Koch, Ed Jones, and Mike Weirich each gave reports as well as the manager, Mandy Adamson. They reported a summary of the financials, and Mandy related that they had had a productive year with some changes. She and President Mike told the group that they really do appreciate all the 22 employees of the Co-op as he introduced them. People were delighted with the nice gifts they received in the drawing. There were electrical appliances, lawn ornaments, watering kit, lawn chairs and several insulated bags to carry food, or as D. L. Weeks said, I will use it for ice. Robin Musgrave found that Mandy Adamson had monogrammed the bags with the co-op logo using her fine sewing machine.

It is gratifying to see former students just "bloom" in different settings. This is true of Laura Lindholm of Eads and the class of 2003. She had worked in law enforcement and service career after graduating from Eads High. Last month, Laura was chosen by her classmates at Lamar Community College to be one of the two student speakers. She was also chosen for her excellent grades and service and work at the college. After reading the text of her speech, I was thrilled to see the growth from that shy teen-age girl I knew at EHS.

Jose Hernandez took the lead to make the wonderful tall wooden planter boxes standing on the Weisbrod balcony. The Hospital Auxiliary paid for the supplies to build the boxes. In just a short time Louise (Weisdorfer) McCrary and Doug Rouse have some tomato and pepper plants growing. Louise is also responsible for acquiring the nice wind spinner decor for the patio.

Tables were pushed together for a more than usual amount of Friday coffee hour guests at Prairie Pines. Among them was a much-loved lady who has returned to Eads from the Arkansas Valley, the former Betty Kay Mcknight, who is Marlynn (Eder) Eikenberg's mother. Betty's new home is on Rittgers Street. We do welcome her and the many other people who have been moving to Eads. 

This week, we met the new Director of Nurses, Ellen Lane, who is well fitted to her new job. She and her husband, who is the Housekeeping Director are re-locating to Eads from Pueblo and like some other people are looking for a dwelling to rent or buy.

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