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PROMO 660 x 440 People - Doris Lessenden
Published Saturday, June 23, 2018
by Doris Lessenden

Proverbs 3:5 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding."

The Maine Street Bash is in five weeks on Saturday, July 28! It will be similar to last year, it is free to walk in and wander around the tents and spaces between 13th and 14th Streets with events in the buildings and park. If vendors want to be in the action just talk to a CLCEC Board member. There will be music from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. thanks to Terry Riley's sound system which includes live music.

Lill Penn, 92 years of age and still lively, had an art show of some of her oil and acrylic paintings in the Prairie Pines where she lives. Her most breathtaking works (to me) are her aspen trees and mountains. But this lovely lady and the mother of five artistic daughters also renders people and animals as well as structures. She has a little nook in her apartment where she paints as she is surrounded by some of her works of art.

There were two wedding showers over the past two weeks. One was for Jordan Sniff and Taylor Weirich and the other for Teri Nelson and John JW Ellis. Our community gives both young couples our best wishes for a happy and prosperous future.

Brian James was married to the lovely McKenna Kolb at his ranch way north of Crowley Saturday afternoon. I was sad not to get to attend, but his mother, Sabrina Dawn James, promised to show me lots of photos. Their daughter, Jennifer and family, from Dallas, Texas, and daughter, Jessica and husband, from Sante Fe, New Mexico, and daughter, Alicia of Eads were all together and a part of the wedding party.

Eboni Nash was feted with a benefit spaghetti dinner Friday evening. This was to help her fund part of her Hastings College class and seminar in inner city Chicago this summer to complete her major in Ministry, Criminology, and Psychology.

Eads senior citizens enjoyed having Gail Voss's wheat bread bierocks for their entree at the monthly June dinner and meeting. Gail Voss and Doris Lessenden gave a report on their Rural Philanthropy Days experience of trying to get some more funding for our future senior center. We had some favorable replies from several foundations that may grant or donate money to our group for building a few walls and a kitchen so that flooring and finishing furnishing can be done ... in the future.

Eads High School teens are putting in some time in the gym weight room three nights a week. The coaches state that this is what helps them to be in better condition for sports. 

From the balcony of Weisbrod hospital and Extended Care Unit, the flowering plants are even prettier this year. The nice wooden boxes of peppers and tomatoes are really thriving. It is so good that more residents go outside to enjoy visiting and watching people come and go.

Dr. Dennis Bartha, who has come to replace Dr. Tim Richardt in the Physical Therapy Department, is a really nice young man like Tim is. Dr. Tim chose a good replacement for him while he is gone. Dr. Bartha also has lots of experience in dry needling, which, if you are a person who suffers muscle pain, I can personally tell you that dry needling has done miracles for me. I would not have allowed myself to endure such pain if I had known of this quick, easy, method for relief and it does not even hurt ... just a few seconds.

Four precious young girls, Kara Wilson, Maggie Haase, Rachel Kopaz and Kinsley Williams had a bake sale Saturday morning to earn money to attend Church Camp in the mountains near Westcliffe. Katie Kopaz and her daughter, Amber, were there with pretty potted flowers and vegetables which were such a joy for me to buy also. I am grateful to my friend, Mike Arth, who planted more pots for me to tend.

People who buy a $5 donation from the firemen may win the right to push the button to set off the fabulous fireworks July 4. The drawing ends July 1.

Because of the dry weather, much of the wheat is ready to harvest. It is short but golden. When I called Becky Rittgers at the Bartlett Grain Elevator, she said at this time the harvest is fair. 

I watch Barry Koch's corn planted on the curve south of Kit Carson every week. He says, "It needs rain but it will come!" I like his positive attitude!

Local 4-H members went to CSU in Fort Collins to attend the state conference last week.

What wonderful memories of those days in the past. My first conference was in 1949 when my parents took Raymond Wissel and me to be delegates from Kiowa County.

Best wishes to Jeremy McNeely who is leaving our county for a step up in his career to take a director position in Fremont County. We will miss his cheery personality and his guitar music a lot, but he will return to help with the county cair.

Good news: the Maine Scoop Ice Cream Shoppe opens at 2:00 pm daily. 

Shalom, Peace be with you, Readers.