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Doris Lessenden, Community Columnist
Published Tuesday, May 24, 2016
Doris Lessenden
by Doris Lessenden

By Doris Lessenden

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest."  Jesus said in Matthew 11:28

It is less than a week until we will be celebrating Pansy Foxworthy's 100th birthday!

Wednesday, June 1st you are invited to one of her parties at 2:00 p.m. at the Weisbrod ECU. 

Kid's Fishing Day was a successful time Sunday with the Chamber of Commerce serving a grilled lunch.  We went out about 3:30 p.m. and saw joyful kids running to family cars with their prizes.  I admire the parents who care enough to take their youth out to Jackson's Pond for an educational and family bonding time.  There were a number of Game and Fish officials there helping Jan Richards and Dennis Pearson clean up the area.

Thank you, to those two faithful people who are so faithful to keep projects going.

The KCEDF (Kiowa County Economic Development Foundation) annual meeting was outstanding with a free meal made by the Sheridan Lake Hawk's Nest establishment.  Jan Richards of the KCEDF says people have been pleased with the meals she has had them cater for several other meetings. Jan Richards told an up-date of many good things that have been happening in the county such as the new ready-mix cement plant south of the C-Store and the extension to Rittgers Street is being made, plus the new Love's Store site is really being excavated and constructed.  The Haswell Sewing Center is still on the books and plans are being discussed to build a child care center and a physical fitness center to be constructed east of the Prairie Pines.  The SCEDD (Southern Colorado Economic Development District, women conducted a survey of needs of the communities.  Congratulations to Bob Woods who was named "Volunteer of the Year" and Congratulations to Dr. Tom Davis who was named "Citizen of the Year". Representatives of he Eads Consumer Supply Company were on hand to receive the plaque for being the "Business of the Year".

Our sympathy to Renee Woods who is in a Pueblo Hospital since she broke her leg.  I am just so grateful that she could enjoy Monday evening with her daughters and family when Bob received his award.  I often say, "Behind every great man, there is a great woman."  That is so true of Tom and Cathy Davis, also.  Later Tom lamented that in the surprise of the presentation that he didn't acknowledge Cathy and he didn't know that his mother, Joyce Davis, was in the audience.  We try to make those presentations a surprise.

Congratulations to Dr. Drew Koch who graduated from Colorado State University -Fort Collins with a degree in Veterinary Medicine.  Dr. Koch is a graduate of CSU-Pueblo and Eads High.  Best Wishes! Dr. Drew.

CEO Mandy Adamson and her husband, Daryll Adamson, and the co-op staff prepared the main dishes of Prime Rib and Mashed Potatoes and gravy for the Annual Meeting of the Consumer's Supply Co.   President Mike Weirich chaired the meeting and he popular drawing.  They told more details about the new Co-Op building on north Highway 287.  Things will be moving on more smoothly now that Marty Barnett has agreed to work with contractors and oversee the finishing of the interior.  

Kindergarten graduation was that same evening and there were many vehicles around the school gym.   In a small town there are always neat things to do or to participate in.

The Eads Senior Citizens enjoyed Sharon Frazee's bierocks with their pot-luck lunch Wednesday.  The speaker from Donor Alliance of Colorado and Wyoming informed us that there is a great need in the nation for organ and tissue donations.  Skin tissue is particularly needed from older people because it is more pliable, thinner, and can be stored longer.  One can sign up for these donations when getting their driver's license.

That evening the Haswell Senior Citizens had an evening dinner and games.  They enjoyed the last visit from Pastor Claire Cassell before she moves to Denver to be a pastor of a Lutheran church.

Mike and Cindy McLoud went to the University of Denver's Graduation Saturday to watch their son, Cardon Brandt graduate with a degree from the Law School.  The McLoud's were accompanied by Cardon's grandparents, Cardon and Joyce Berry.

Kevin and Marsha Seifkas were in Kansas City to attend the graduation of their oldest grandson.  He is the son of their daughter, Bobbie, who is a Chiropractor and busy mother of seven children.

It was nice to have Glaida Craven of Kit Carson visit the Eads Senior dinner with Marsha and Pam Mousel of Aurora and Bennett.

Eads High School was well represented at the three day Colorado State Track meet.  By the photos that were posted it looks as if nearly every boy and girl wson a place on the winner's podium.  One State Champion is Fred Turner; others on the winners stand were Dylan Dixon, Caden Parker, Zach Hasse, Patrick Hollis, Blake Stoker, Trevor Randel, Miranda Mitchek, Brooklyn Jones, Brooklyn Lenox, Mariah Smith, Savanna Gyurman, Hadley Rittgers, Kailee Wilson. Congratulations!!   Emily Gyurman and Mindy Uhland traveled with the team as alternates and statisticians for Coaches Stephanie Bohlander and Trey Eder.

Alice Glover has really enjoyed having her granddaughter, Chevaun Glover Hammer here to drive her around to meetings and happenings since she is still undergoing chemotherapy.  Chevaun's other grandmother, Donna Heddles, was enjoying her Friday at the Prairie Pines coffee hour.

Tuesday at the end of our Bible Study time, two young couples with a 13 month old boy came to sing for the residents at Prairie Pines.  The families are part of the Mennonite Community near Copeland, Kansas.  They stop in Eads before going to Denver to serve in a Soup Kitchen.   June Weeks is always so glad to meet and hear them because that is where she lived as a young woman.

We are marveling to see how green the grass is and how beautifully the iris and bushes are blooming.  What a wonderful difference rain makes for our land.