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Doris Lessenden, Community Columnist
Published Wednesday, July 6, 2016
Doris Lessenden
by Doris Lessenden

By Doris Lessenden

Take Heart:   Heaven's delights will far outweigh earth's difficulties.  John 16: 33  "In this world you will have trouble.  But take heart, I have overcome the world"

The Haswell United Methodist Church members and friends experienced a joyful 100th Anniversary Celebration at the Church Sunday, July 3rd where pianist Rosemary Stoker played the Prelude and the hymns for the worship service.  The sanctuary was wall to wall packed with folk who traveled distances to share in worship and visiting.  The pastors who officiated were:   Pastor Gary Goettle, DeEtta Goettle, Nancy Peacock, at District Superintendent, Maggie Gillikin and their future Pastor, Christine Richardson.

The gym floor of the Community Building was filled with lines of tables decorated in red, white, and blue floral bouquets by Janet McKnight.  The Eads Congregation came in cars and the hospital van bringing salads to compliment the roast beef dinner and numerous decorated cakes.  Glenda Stoker and Darwin Nelson showed a heartwarming slide show of events at the church through the years.  Glenda and Wanda Lessenden had displays of church communications and memorabilia they collected from the church.

Many thanks go to the steering committee: Virgil and Wanda Lessenden, Glenda and Colby Stoker, Kent and Pam Johnston, Delores Eikenberg, Donald Oswald, Greg and Nancy Miller, Mary Shafer, and Cleta Englehardt for planning such a wonderful celebration.  Many people came; some of whom I did not recognize.  A former pastor and his wife, Janoski, came who were particular friends of Jodi Stolzenberger and the Voss'.  Colby Stoker and Katie Johnson took up the offering while Nancy Peacock sang, "He Touched Me" after reminding the congregation to remember that they have all been touched by God in different and meaningful ways.

Wednesday evening when I came out of the Plains Theatre after the CLCEC meeting, there was a man with a big camera pointed toward the doors.  I asked him what he was doing with two huge cameras.  He said he was on assignment from the LA Times to take photos of the town of Eads.  Another journalist had visited the Sand Creek Massacre so these photos were for the Times.  I asked him which LA, it was Los Angeles.  I gave him a local paper to read at the Cobble Stone Inn. When I told him that we were inside planning the MAINE STREET BASH for JULY 30TH, said a couple of times, "I wish it was going on right now!"

Well the BASH is going to be outstanding on Saturday the 30th even though there is a Griswould reunion, and a McCracken-Blodgett Wedding, maybe guests will come in later to dance and hear the fine bands, or join in the fun of Karaoke in the Theatre.  We are planning a cake walk as well as lots of free kid's games, people can check with me to be vendors.  We will have tables, benches, and chairs or you can bring your own as you may want to buy great foods and turkey legs from Charlie and Mary Vasquez. 

We extend our sympathy to the family of Mickey Piel who has passed.  Some Haswell friends went to his graveside burial.  He formerly was a railroad, and road and bridge employee in the county.

Tim and Sylvia Weeks, June Blooding, Areta Blooding Laird and Ebonee Moyers drove to Shawnee, Oklahoma to attend the Potawatomie Indian Pow Wow.  Jason and Shelby (Weeks) and children met the family there from Evans, CO.  June and Areta received their Indian names.  June had a really good time at the festivities and seeing her brother.  Before she left she told me, "This is my last trip". 


Cheri Turner is one of the hardest working women in town!  She has been for years whizzing about town in her little blue truck loaded with her tools a trade: lawn mowers, weed whackers, rakes, and last week I heard she even wields a buzz saw to cut down trees.  Besides all that type of work year around she is a great house cleaner and mother of soon-to-be senior student and athlete, Fred Turner.

Another woman I admire is Ashley Gooden who goes to Weisbrod ECU every Thursday to give massages to resident's limbs or necks.  She is a great addition to the staff.  Ashley also is an outstanding professional photographer.  She and Kenan are parents to two little boys.

We are sad for our community that Dawn Back PA is leaving the Eads Clinic, but we are happy for her that she will be moving to New Mexico to be with her husband, Dale who works with her brother, Justin Smith, who manages a 70,000 acre cattle ranch. Justin and Dawn grew up around Ordway where she has always loved riding horses and competing in barrel racing.  Dawn Back has been an Air Force captain, diesel mechanic, was deployed to Saudi Arabia in l994, and been a Physician Assistant in a small village in Alaska as well as on an Arizona Indian Reservation.  We were blessed when she came to Eads after Dr. Mike Manley died in that sudden car accident.  Dawn worked closely with Dr. Waggoner and cared lovingly for him in his last days.  Dawn and Dale's son, Cody, graduated from Eads in May and her older son and wife had their first son in May, so Dawn is looking forward to being a grandmother.  It is time for her to be with her husband and enjoy Justin's family and wife, Brenda, the former Superintendent of Kit Carson and Karval.  Best wishes to a wonderful doctor-Physician who many people around here surely do love her because she really does listen to people.

David Englehardt and Scotty Englehardt recently organized a Trap Shoot for 30 men and women competitors at the Eads Shooting Range.  The Plains Trap League meets every 4th Sunday and rotates to Lamar then La Junta.  They invite other folk to join the club.  I remember going out there several years ago to take Ruth Miller to the wedding of David and Shellie (Self) Englehardt. 

How nice to hear that Eads athletes Brooklyn Lenox and Bryce Batterton have signed letters of intent with Kansas Fort Hayes State University and Frank Phillips College, Borger, Texas, respectively.  Brooklyn will be on the Field and Track Team and Bryce will be on the Rodeo Team.

Men and women can take Nurses Aide classes at Weisbrod July 11 to 29th.    This certificate can open up many new job opportunities.

I read an article about how a group of six women whose husbands were the current Town Trustees and they were unhappy at the way Town Council men in 1934 were not taking care of curtailing bad things happening in Eads.  So secretly, shortly before the election poles closed they drove in their own cars about town to pick up ladies to go vote for them.  The women won.  I particularly remember with high regard four of those women: Bertha Lee Pyles, Edith LaVelle, Flossie Infield and Ethel Johnson.  The other two ladies were Mrs. W. S. McCracken and Mrs. Howard Davidson.  Ethel Johnson has been my "hero" for years for the way she ran businesses, was involved in church and politics.  I often remember her passionate speech for Rick Arth at the Republican Caucus.  In fact the Eads High School has been able to award a $500.00 scholarship to a senior girl for about 25 years in Ethel Johnson's name.  Oh, the Mayor was a Mr. Rittgers who worked with these women who accomplished their mission of letting it be known that they were watching gambling, "slot machines", beer licenses, sanitation, and collecting back taxes.  The women promoted to clean up the town, property premises, "to get things in order."  They also held the first annual Christmas Treat Program providing 750 bags of treats for children.  These women on a mission also pushed for a town sewer system and sanitation system.  They just served one term, but what a positive difference they made for us now in 2016!



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