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Doris Lessenden, Community Columnist
Published Friday, February 5, 2016
Doris Lessenden
by Doris Lessenden

by Doris Lessenden

Aunt Liz Hulteen was joyful when she told me that her niece, Lacy and J.D. Van Campen had given birth to their second child, a little girl.  Her name is Tess LaNae Van Campen who was born in La Junta on January 25th.  She has been welcomed to their home by her big brother, Wyatt.  The Adamson family is glad they moved back "home" from their jobs in Nebraska.

   Another Eads family that is joyful for the birth of a baby girl to Justin and Kayla (Rushton) McLoud. Her name is Brenley Jade.Her older sister, Presley, joins local grandparents, Mike and Cindy McLoud and Great grandparents, Cardon and Joyce Berry who are delighted to welcome another grandchild.

Bobbie Scott reports her family has moved and LOVES all the space. The kids can walk to school. They are so happy to have their own space they spend much of their time in their rooms. Bobbie also wanted to update on her mother, Connie McPherson. Connie is on her 2nd round of Chemo cycles. Her hair has started to grow back. She too is happy with her new room. It's much larger and overlooks the large front yard.

I went see the Eads Invitational Wrestling Tournament Saturday.  This year, there were seven teams.  We were pleased to see that Austin Adamson was the Lamar B-Team coach.  His brother, Brandon Adamson, was in Kansas for two to three days at a Wrestling Tourney.  Both young men are graduates from Eads and both are teachers at Lamar High School.  One Lamar mother at the Tournament told me that her daughters have had the Adamson men as teachers and they really do like them.  We do too!   Heather (Frederick) Ramsay and her three daughters were at the Tourney to support the Lamar team and her nephew, Mike Ramsay's son.  It is so good to see our former students who have grown to be such fine citizens and parents.

    Chris Sorensen was among 5 who were recognized by the North American Aerospace Defense Command & United States Northern Command. NORAD and USNORTHCOM students had a 'hands on class' recently at DHS-EM. The class were impressed they were allowed more than a Power Point briefings. Chris was also singled out for his works to coordinate and approve the support to USNORTHCOM . "His commitment to building and maintaining relationships has been the cornerstone of our DSCA Team."

    The Eads Coaches, Dustin and Hayden Uhland, and their spouses and relatives and Eads volunteers arranged to gym for the big tournament.  An impressive sight was giant colored photos of our eight wrestlers hanging from the top gold stage curtain.  Our wrestlers who did really well are: Seth Splitter (who attends Plainview High School), Reagan Lane, Trevor, Rhett Uhland, Trenton Mitchek, Chance Fowler, Trent Rittgers, and Will Palmer.

     During a break, Mrs. Dawn James and cheerleaders, Madison Kelley, Reagan Johnson, and Kelly Ramos arranged the Parent Recognition of the Eads Wrestlers who gave flowers to their parents. 

     Park Wood, formerly of Kit Carson, is an activity bus driver for the Lamar Schools.  We had such a nice visit.  His wife, Bonnie, has been a Para-teacher at Lamar High School for eight years.  He told me the sad news that his son, Allen's best friend, Rodney Carroll, died recently in a truck accident.  Rodney's mother lives in Cheyenne Wells now.

     Robin Musgrave and I went to Wiley to the basketball games.  We were happy to be greeted at the ticket table by Samantha (Watts) Weeks.  She teaches fourth grade there.  Other Eads grads who work at the Wiley Schools are Steve Phillips who was the girls head coach and Shae (Haskell) Krentz who is an elementary teacher and the sponsor of an outstanding Cheerleader team.   Randy Wilson, formerly of Kit Carson, is the head boys Basketball coach.

          Howard Vortruba of the Sheridan Lake Bible Church brought Reverend Seaman and his wife, Dorothy, to the Weisbrod ECU center for the Chapel Sunday.  The Seamans are serving as interim pastors.  They have spent many years in such areas as Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, Native American communities and other places.  Even though they are in the mid 80's they are vibrant and eager to serve the Lord.   They were even acquainted with Merle Garner when he was in the Peace Corp in Nepal.  Mr. and Mrs. Seaman have been over to have lunch with Merle's mother, Evelyn Garner at the Pines.

     Neighbors are wonderful.  Last weekend, Raelynn Riley helped me with a major computer problem and Brenda Ramos Ramirez helped me with a complicated cell phone problem.  They say I was "hacked".  Mike Arth remounted the painting by Craig Bronson, the Sheridan Lake artist and prepared my walks in case of the possible snow.

What a blessing they are to me and others.

     Richard and Pat Zabriski formerly of Eads and Ordway have moved to an apartment in Phoenix, Arizona near to their son, Richie.

     Shelly Meyers has been painting pretty Valentine theme drawings on store front windows.  People really do enjoy her paintings about town.  How good that she shares her talent for others to appreciate.

      Last week I was invited to stay for lunch at the Prairie Pines and it was so wonderful.

I like fine foods with such attractive garnishes and hospitable dining.   That day the cooking and serving was by Cristina Woelff, Brandy Turrcotte, and Linda Watts.  The tables are set a midday by Betty Holthus who so enjoys this voluntary way to serve others.

      Norma Atkinson's sons often visit her at the Pines.  Last week one son brought big bags of potatoes they grow around Fort Garland.  I have seen him bring potatoes several times.  How generous people can be!  

     I was giving Suzanne Proctor, a former Eads Librarian, a tour of possible houses to rent or buy about town last week.  She was pleasantly surprised to get such a good sub sandwich at the Cinnamon Jo's Piccadilly Shop.  I like the little personal pizzas too.

         Christine (Cuzzetto) Brabb of Pueblo called Charlotte Woelk last week and related that Carl (Brent) Ritter's 38 year old son, Sam, died recently. 

    Charlene Gifford, Eads third grade teacher, has finished nearly all her treatments in the city and is looking well.  She is an outstanding educator who began her to use her teaching skills in Haswell Elementary School. 

      The staff at Prairie Pines will be hosting community pot luck on Tuesday, before Ash Wednesday, Feb. 9th.  Community people who go are asked to bring desserts or side dishes.

  Delores Eikenberg of Haswell is concerned about her younger brother, Duane Walker who has leukemia cancer.  She is such a cheerful lady.  Diane Davis is not getting around Haswell very well lately because of having knee surgery.  Some of the Haswell people are beginning to set plans for the 100th Birthday of their church this summer.

     Rosemary Stoker was honored by the Haswell Congregation at the United Methodist Church for her years and years of service as the church's pianist and treasurer.  She will continue playing the piano on Sundays.  Pastor Clair Cassell spoke the appreciation of the Congregation with a gift for Rosemary.  The church family enjoyed cup cakes and punch with her and Frankie.  Also we wish this dear lady a Happy Birthday last week.

   As I finish typing this on Monday about 3 to 5 inches has fallen (my guess) since 10:30 a.m.  We are thankful for the soft falling snow for our county.