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Doris Lessenden, Community Columnist
Published Tuesday, August 2, 2016
Doris Lessenden
by Doris Lessenden

By Doris Lessenden

Remember the great commandment: love one another.

The Maine Street Bash:  it was a perfect night with lovely warm weather, long lines waiting for food, and a fun for families and friends.  The local musical talent on the outdoor stage was a big hit with the fans who loved hearing teens Echo Crockett play the violin and keyboard, Rhett Uhland sing and play the drums, Jared Weeks sing and play the guitar and Jamie Crockett sing and play the guitar with them. All three young men sang some of the songs they have composed.  It was terrific!  Sheriff Casey Sheridan and Under Sheriff Jake Six were probably worn out by end of the night with that popular Rock Climbing Wall!  Fred and Debi Derby and Alyssa Eder were for a time sitting and watching the kids and some parents teaching the little ones on the Putt Putt Golf course they made on a wood base several years ago.  They and Laurie and Joe Musgrave had so many new kid game stations.  Edi Nordquist, Jill Williams and Gloria Trosper were other ladies who were so instrumental in making the KidsZone a great success!  Josh Galloway rounded up a bunch of guys for the Horseshoe tournament and Joyce Berry was patiently teaching young kids to play shuffle board.  Along with a Cake Walk every half hour, a name was drawn to win a Tee-shirt.  The Rodeo Road Apples Band from Kit Carson blessed the evening with their great songs for dancing and just pure enjoyment.  Inside the Plains Theatre when I was there the Karaoke singing was really rocking among the younger set and some of the girls were squealing with delight.  Darwin Nelson and his daughter, Terri, were busy printing out songs for the want-a-be singers and some of them were quite good.  As the sun was setting the Denver band, "Dance on Fire", blasted the surrounding blocks with their super renditions of cover songs.  A tip of the hat to our Terry Riley, who kept the festivities going and making announcements for happenings besides those on stage. 

Terry Riley announced his official retirement from being a Pyro-Technician at Bandimere Speed Way and other Denver sites where he has done his work with fireworks for 39 years; Riley has also put on firework shows at some Eads Maine Street Bashes and football games.

Charlene Blakeley was hosted with a "Fare Well" reception at the County Library where she has worked for several years.  She will be missed about town and at her church.

Jodi Stolzenberger taught a three week Certified Nurse Aide Class at Weisbrod.  At their graduation last week, she presented certificates and gifts to: Amber Frank, Jami Kraft, Tara Schell, Cheyenne Sewell, Jordan Sniff, Mariah Smith, Marc Solis, and Brandy Turcotte.  Now the students can take the state level test to be actually certified.

Congratulations to Kelly Lujan who is retiring from his design job in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  He is looking forward to spending more time with his wife, Jane, his daughter's and spouses and their five children and his mother, Rose.

Last Sunday Priscilla Waggoner was a "Good Samaritan" and brought a 17-year-old girl from New Hampshire to my home for a safe place to be out of the storm at Sugar City.  Noa Sadeh has been riding from Eugene, Oregon, over the Rocky Mountains, Yellowstone, and down from Breckenridge.  I took her to the Cobble Stone Inn for supper.  When I asked the pretty waitress, Allie, friend of Trice Watts, for my bill, she said, "The bill is paid".  We were astonished!  When I asked, "Who would do that?" she replied, "That lady you were visiting with."   That kind lady was Jennifer Rittgers, Schofield, owner of J J's Ranch House.!

When I rolled out of the hospital from Dr. Oquist's Chiropractor's office, I saw such a pleasant caring sight of several nurses and staff who were visiting a nice man with his Dalmatian dog as they said "good-bye"  It was as if they were reluctant to let him go.  This nice man had become very sick in one of our hotels and was taken by ambulance to Weisbrod and then on to a city hospital.   As we waited Gloria Trosper and Meghan Buck slowly drove up his nice tan truck and matching closed-in trailer.   He slowly walked down the ramp to continue his journey on to his home in Annapolis, Maryland.   Stephanie Buck was kind to take care of that lonely dog that surely missed his master and front seat in the truck! 

Dustin Nelson, student at Eads High School has been a dependable projectionist at the Plains Theatre when Terry Riley is gone.  He also works along with his father, Darwin Nelson, in his Deejay and Karaoke Businesses.

We are so happy that Dorie Musgrave won $10,000.00 in the promotional drawing at the Lamar Tri-Stage Ford Motor Company!

Some people around town enjoy the "Meals on Wheels" from the Sage Services in Lamar.  Areta Laird arranges for these meals to be delivered by Valorie Briggs, Irene Hammer Dawna Weirich, Madonna Pollreis, or Raelynn Riley.   A donation of $3.00 or more is appreciated.   On the first Wednesday of the month, citizens over age 50 are invited to reserve a meal with Areta Laird and then we eat and visit together at the Center.  Then the next day, Thursday, Senior Citizens are invited to the Brunch at 10:00 a.m.  This is "free" and prepared by our director, Sharon Frazee.

Two fine men died in our community last week, Steve Young and Dale Adamson.  We extend our sympathy to their families.  Steve's service will be held at a later date. Dale's is this Saturday August 6th  from 1:00PM until 4:00PM at the Eads Community Building in Eads

Phil Pollreis's granddaughter, Krista, brought him and his wife, Madonna, home from Memorial Hospital Sunday evening where he was flown in a helicopter just in time to stop his sudden bleeding last week.

Eunice Weber, Director of the County Ambulance Service, brought a list to me of those 29 men and women who are trained Emergency Medical Technicians.  Some of them are also drivers plus there are five students.   Remember, these people are VOLUNTEERSThey are not paid.  People of our county are grateful to them. You know it really "hits you'' when one of your family members or dear friends is in need of an ambulance ride or to be taken to the helicopter pad.  Thank you, soooo much EMT's!