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Doris Lessenden, Community Columnist
Published Friday, January 29, 2016
Doris Lessenden
by Doris Lessenden

Dominic Hernandez is recovering from having major heart surgery.  Although he is rather pale, he is healing each day and glad to be with his family.

Yellow and green balloon festooned little Brantley McCracken's yard Saturday as the guests came to enjoy his third birthday party.   He likes tractors and big toys which he plays with in his backyard.   He even had a cute "tractor" cake that was designed and decorated by his daddy, A.J.   His mother, Ciarra, took care of other details for a fun party for little ones and family.

Bob Kliesen is home from a Pueblo Hospital.  We are glad his is doing better.  This nice man is loved by grandchildren who often accompany Bob on his walks with his walker.

Autunm Rouse is such an amazingly creative cake decorator.  I encourage her to publish a book of photos of her creations or submit to some photos magazines.

Elda Stavely walked into the Eads McClave basketball game on the arms of her grandson son, R.J. and accompanied by son, Johnny Allen, last Friday.  Her great grandson, Reo Stavely plays on the McClave basketball team. Elda told me "Reo is a really nice kid.  His sister, McKenzie, mother, Marci, and other aunts and uncles were in Eads over the week-end for the games.

Jim Garner from Denver was about town last weekend.  He is another person who is looking to relocate back home to Eads.  Of course he visited his mother, Evelyn Garner who lives in Prairie Pines.  Evelyn looked so pretty in her red and black ensemble when she drove herself to the Senior Citizen Dinner Wednesday.

Alice Glover has returned from having major cancer surgery. She is going to stay at her son, Richard ad Koy's home for a couple weeks.  Her daughter, Patty is attending her needs this week and then daughter, Peggy, will stay next week.  Rick says "I will be the cook".  His mother says, "Rick is a good cook!

A pretty red car from Kansas was parked at Loretta Seibel's home over the weekend and then I noticed a car from Texas at LaVerle Kelley's home that belonged to her daughter, Linnae Gibson.  So it was nice to see the foursome at the ballgames Friday evening having a meal in the Sophomore-Junior Concession Stand.  Linnae is the calligrapher who penned the "Eads School Song" on a banner that hangs in Pam Cole's Administrative Assistant Office.

Each week at the basketball games there are a number of Spady relatives sitting near Donnie Spady who has been coming to all the ball games since his grandchildren transferred to Eads from Las Animas.  Lonnie and Beth family of two girls and a son, live south of Haswell.

The Eads FFA (Future Farmers of America) students and their sponsors attended the National Livestock Show in Denver last week.  I am glad for the students that were able to get to see these educational and commercial exhibits, a rodeo, and the livestock exhibits which are housed in a large complex.

Honeybelle Dixon favors those who like to see photos of the Eads basketball games on Facebook.  If one clicks quickly through her 92-113 or more photos it is like an action video.  I especially like to look at the sports fans in the stands.  Thank you, Honeybelle!

     Dave Wall and Charla Ferris had been to Arizona to visit Denny and Reanee Wall when they had a call that Denny had a bad fall and was in a rehab hospital in Arizona.

Dave and Charla quickly returned to help take care of Reanee and to help the Wall's daughter, Terri and family in this difficult situation.  They are glad that Reanee is willing to be in the hospital with Denny which is a good thing.   What a blessing family members can be.

The Eads High School Staff and sponsors, Sue Fox and Dawn James, hosted the annual Knowledge Bowl last Friday.  There were 21 schools who brought 46 teams for the competition.  The ladies told me that they used every available classroom and space as well as all the teachers and volunteers from the community.  Sue said that even the junior high Knowledge Bowl students served as helpers and timers.

There was a solemn Memorial Service for Teri Castle's 20 year old daughter, Jewell Irene Lauderdale Tuesday the 19th  in the Eads First Christian Church.  Pastor Delbert Beard officiated the service.  Afterwards the ladies of the church served a lovely evening meal for the family and friends.

Eads and Haswell Senior Citizens had had noon day meals last Wednesday at their Ceners.  In Eads LaVerle Kelley, Alice Glover, and Loretta Seibel had been to the Area on Aging Agency Annual meeting in La Junta and reported on some new bills before the national legislature.   They urged people to all their Legislators to vote for the needs of senior citizens.  They mentioned that Commissioner Cindy McLoud took the time to attend that meeting also.  Thank you, Cindy.   I say, "Thank you" because years ago when my parents went to some of those meetings for local leaders, my mother asked, "Why isn't Kiowa County getting some of that money for programs?"  Their reply was "Your Commissioners' have not asked."  So, my Mother wrote/or called her commissioners. Now we receive the money and service.  I think that was mainly for the "Meals on Wheels" Sage Service.  We are reaping the benefit of this program today.  I can assure you that the meals are good and it is so wonderful not to have to try to buy and cook all those foods.    Just call Areta Laird and she will get to a Menu list for the month to you if you want to order meals.  It is so pleasant to see the volunteers when they bring your meal at noon.   It is also comforting to know that someone can check on the welfare of a person in the home.  A person doesn't have to order a meal every day, just the meals that you want to eat.

Sharon Frazee may be able to take a few more reservations for the Valentine Supper for seniors, age 55 or more.  The low light, soft music dinner will be on Saturday, February 13th.

The Eads and Plainview Middle Schools played in the Middle School League Tournament at Cheyenne Wells last week on Tuesday and Thursday.  Now the students will begin to train for track events.

A number of people from the County met last week for the first in a series of three meetings of Republicans to set meeting days and plans for the coming Election Process. We appreciate the leadership of Terry Laird and Dawn James.

I have been in awe to see all the vehicles on Maine Street of people attending one of about eight free showings of one of the "Star Wars" movies.                                                         .   "The Revenant" is the movie to be shown on Friday and Saturday at 7:00 p.m. or Sunday at 6:00 p.m.  This is been getting a lot of acclaim.