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Doris Lessenden, Community Columnist
Published Tuesday, December 13, 2016
Doris Lessenden
by Doris Lessenden

By Doris Lessenden

Psalm 37: 4 God wants to be good to you, so tell Him "the desires of your heart".  Then thank Him and the answer will come in His time!

There were two marvelous musical shows in Eads last week.  The first was on Thursday at Eads Elementary School Christmas program under the direction of Mrs. Monica (Fell) Uhland.  The Eagle's Nest Pre-School youngsters taught by Mrs. Jill Williams and Mrs. Kayla McLoud charmed the audience with their darling songs.

The singers and actors in the "Christmas at the OK Corral" operetta delighted the audience to see their costumes and hearing their speaking parts. This was interspersed with lively singing and action motions by the entire Kindergarten through Fifth grade students standing on risers.  This production was followed by the Middle School students singing more contemporary type songs.  Parents and Eads citizens can be very proud and grateful that we have Mrs. Uhland and the other staff who teach and guide these fine students to develop their talents and appreciation of the fine arts.   Mrs. Britten's Freshmen Art Class painted attractive set designs for the show.   What I like about the program folders is that they list the names of all those precious students and there are many new students to the school.

The other musical show was the Annual Community Cantata at the United Methodist Church.  Dr. Tom Davis greeted the audience stating that this is their 65th Anniversary. They dedicated this Cantata to Kathy Shade who was a singer for many years and is sadly missed since her death this year.  Mr. Davis promised Philomene Liesen years ago that as long as he is alive and able, that he will always inform the audience about the meanings of the songs and composers and I add, that his warm and cordial words make the concerts and worship services so much more meaningful. The Director was Anetta Maxcy and Narrator Joel Maxcy of Kit Carson for "I'll Be Home for Christmas".  Solos or duets were performed by Madison and Mollie Kelley, Sylvia Weeks, Cora Grandy, Alicia James, Kemma Alfano, Tim Weeks, Dawn James, and Mary Eikner.

The first two winners for the Chamber of Commerce drawing of Eads Bucks were David Kraft and Cree Cordova.

Dr. Alexa Roberts, who is in charge of several National Parks in the southeast area, was on hand last Monday to greet people who went to the Open House at the Sand Creek office.  U. S. Senator Ken Buck's representatives even drove down from Castle Rock to visit with the guests and park employees.   People can visit the office to view the fine framed works of art and buy books.

Gail Voss, Darryl and Jody Stolzenberger and children and Bart Michael and sons, went to Mt. Rushmore and northern South Dakota to visit their son and brother, Brett Rusher, and wife, Stephanie and Cally.  The Rushers manage a large buffalo and horse ranch where last week they had so much snow that the buffalos could walk over the tall fences.

Last Tuesday evening people enjoyed the Fireman's Chili Supper at the Fire House.  It became livelier after Santa Claus arrived and children lined up to get photos taken by photographer, Marty Miller, with Mr. Claus and their sack of treats.

Harvey Hollis celebrated his 99th birthday December 7th with several cousins and friends.  He was especially glad to see his daughter, Joyce, and neighbors, Bill and Charlotte Woelk who have checked on him daily in his home for years.

Saturday Raina Kliesen Lynch hosted a mini bazaar in the Cobblestone Inn.  There were lovely clothing to buy from the Evans sisters, excellent candies and baked goods by Deb Kliesen who will cook products on order also, handmade soaps by Laurie Musgrave, John Kliesen had his nice wood work projects there so I could buy more crosses too, and Kay Hollis with handbags.  That afternoon Robin Musgrave and I went to Kit Carson for our annual trip to help with the church booth at their Bazaar during basketball ballgames.

The Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade representative met with educators from six counties last Friday to continue planning for the Big Dream Objective to inspire students in STEM classes about the opportunities they have to make a difference and to make this world better. This major happening will be on April 27, 2017 in Eads and Haswell.  It is being coordinated by Jan Richard's KCEDF office.

I want to thank the businesses and individuals who have given so generously so children can "win" a prize in the drawing after the Children's Matinee on Dec. 10th and 17th.

Eagle fans can attend the Holiday Tournament in Lamar or listen to our teams on KLMR or KVAY on radio or internet.

The Eads Senior Citizen's Christmas lunch is Wednesday, December 21st

There will be three Christmas Eve Services on December 24th at 5:00 p.m. at the Haswell UM  Church, 4:00 p.m. at the First Christian Church in Eads and at 7:00 p.m. at the Eads UM Church.