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Doris Lessenden, Community Columnist
Published Tuesday, February 16, 2016
Doris Lessenden
by Doris Lessenden

By Doris Lessenden


 "Always pray to have eyes that see the best in people, a heart that forgives the worst, a mind that forgets the bad and a soul that never loses faith in God.  Shared by Barbie Stavely.

   A Mardi Gras pot luck supper was enjoyed last Tuesday at the Prairie Pines by residents and guests.  Chef Cristina prepared a traditional shrimp -potato -corn-a- cob broil entree.  Last week the Lenten Season began, the six weeks before Resurrection Sunday (Easter).

    Also that evening, the 16 young men on the Eads Champion 6-man Football Team was honored at the half time of the Lamar Community College basketball game.  Their coaches, Doug Uhland, Trey Eder, and Chad Rouse and Managers, Zach Fowler, Cameron Crow, and Aiden Michael accompanied them and an entourage of families and fans.

   J. C. and Meredith (Dr. Koch) Cordova announce the birth of their baby girl, Cree.

She joins the family and big brother, Chael at their home in Eads.

    Many senior citizens in Eads had such a pleasant dining experience by candlelight at a four course Italian dinner prepared by Sharon Frazee.  This most delicious meal was

 served by Kathy McCracken, Shellie Englehardt, and Brody Snover.  My guest was my new neighbor, Lisa Kirkdoffer.   It was interesting at our table to learn about her in-the-home job for a large shipping company.

   I went to observe Mrs.  Charlene Gifford's Third Graders at the ECU--Nursing Home where they did a Valentine craft with the residents.  Elders do so enjoy seeing children. 

   Thursday through Sunday there were exchanges and gifts of flowers, cards, candies and cookies about town.  It reminds me of a favorite song from the 50's "Little Things Mean A Lot." 

    The staff of the HealthMart was the concession Managers at the Theatre last week for the showing of"13 Hours"--"The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi".  Although it left me feeling angry toward some governmental rules, I wanted to be informed since I have a nephew training for Special Forces and another nephew planning a similar career.

    The Knowledge Bowl Sponsors, Mrs. Fox and Mrs. James were beaming when they told me that the EHS Team of five boys qualified to compete in the State Tournament at CSU-Fort Collins in March. They are Rustin Jensen, Fred Turner, Trey McDowell, Cameron Crow.  Isn't it wonderful that these days it is "cool for a guy to be smart" compared to when I grew up?  

    Six Eads wrestlers who competed in the Regional Meet in Pueblo have qualified to compete in the State Tournament this week.  Amy Jacobs of Lamar KVAY -105.7 will be calling the matches from Denver.  Those young men to listen for are:  Reagan Lane, Trevor Randel, Trenton Mitchek, Chance Fowler, Rhett Uhland, and Seth Splitter, a senior from Plainview who trains with the Eads students.  Congratulations to them and their coaches, Dustin Uhland and Hayden Uhland.

     Mrs. Jill Williams, Eads Pre-School Educator, will be offering free Child Find Evaluations by making appointments.  Parents can find this invaluable if their little one age 0 to 5 needs attention to better prepare the child for learning in school.

     I see many people looking up to the sky lately.  The snow geese are flying over in the morning and evening from the lakes to the grain fields.  What a beautiful sight and sound to hear them.  I have seen the participants from the Snow Goose Festival who have come to Eads for the "Birds and Bacon" Breakfast really be excited after seeing the birds at the lakes or Jackson Pond.   The Eads Chamber of Commerce would welcome some volunteers to help them about 7:30 a.m. to prepare the breakfast, (crack eggs, flip pancakes, fry bacon) for those who come from Lamar to watch the birds and geese.

Come out to the Community Building if you can help.

    Thanks to Pastor Russell Parker and Pianist, Annette Maxcy who led the Chapel Service at Weisbrod Sunday.  It was particularly nice for Marge Davis to have her daughter, Rhonda, there visiting from Sterling and Grandson, Doug, of Denver with his three tiny tots.

    Afterwards we went out to see those fine black Draft horses that John and Staci Englebrecht of Cheyenne Wells brought to Eads with a carriage for people to take carriage rides in as part of their Valentine Dinner that Elise (Deverman) Crockett had arranged as part of her job to plan events at the Fair Grounds.  Stacy told us that they also use these horses for weddings, hayrides, buggy rides and special occasions.   Inside the Community Building Charlie and Mary Vasquez served a wonderful four course dinner around tables decorated in reds and white.  It was lovely!

     Betsy Evans made and baked 24 dozen cookies for 39 teens to decorate for 55 individuals who live alone.  The teenagers designed and wrote Valentines to be distributed to adults the next day with a plate of cookies.  This was the activity at the last 5th Quarter Party at the Kit Carson Lutheran Church.  After all home games some parents and some church family host a party with lots of food and a devotion and activities or a guest speaker.  Last week an out-of-town lady came into Mary's Market wanting to donate for the event, so she bought a case of pizzas and frosted cakes!  We are blest.  But you know if you are a blessing to others, I feel more blessings come to you.

    The movie this week is "Kung Fu Panda 3".   The movie is an animated movie that looks to be a sweet story.    Remember our great "Ice Cream Store", the Maine Scoop.

Also the glass display case has some yummy looking cookies, pastries, and flavored pop corn and bread mixes for sale by the girls in the career exploration class.

    Bob Howerton plans to sell his nice home in Eads so he can move to Lamar to be near two of his daughters.  If buyers are interested I have his phone number or drive by on Lowell Street to view his home.

     Because of the economy, I have heard that several businesses have had to cut hours of workers.  This is hard for some families, individuals, and businesses.  Times can become "harder" in the future.  This is the time that we as a community can "reach out", plan ahead, store up supplies,

      "Women of Faith" is a documentary type Fathom Event to be shown on Thursday, 18th at 7:00 pm.  This features outstanding Christian women speakers and singers that may be inspirational to those attending.

   This Friday the 19th is the last home Basketball games in Eads beginning at 4:00 pm, between the two Varsity games, the Players, Cheerleaders, and their parents will be recognized.  Come support your Eads Eagle Teams.