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PROMO 660 x 440 People - Doris Lessenden
Published Tuesday, August 1, 2017
by Doris Lessenden

"Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever: Psalm 23:6

Delton and Marlynn (Eder) Eikenberg of Haswell celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary July 23rd. The tables and large room at the Haswell Community Center were beautifully decorated for this happy occasion of a meal, cake, and photo taking.

Don and Esther McCoin of Eads celebrated their 70th Wedding Anniversary this week. This dear couple formerly from South Dakota, were married in Seattle, Washington, where Don was stationed in WWII after Esther had graduated from Nurse's School. They will both be 92 on their birthdays this year.

Our sympathy is extended to Doris Forsythe's sons, Scott, Doug, and Mark, whose mother passed last week. Doris grew up and lived in Haswell and then Eads. She was an educator here and was our county Librarian. She told me that she loved to read the Eads newspaper.

David Harrison of Wichita, Kansas passed last week. He was an Eads graduate in the Class of 1960. He and his wife, Diann (Scroggins) often returned at county fair time to visit with friends around Eads,

Loretta Seibel celebrated her 80th birthday in Kansas last week with several of her children as well grandchildren. The photos revealed a loving gathering with her children.

While Pastor Mark Imel was in Europe near Romania, his wife, Deb, went to visit their grandchildren. Last Sunday, Louis James shared the message while Pastor Mark was gone. Pastor Imel sent a video of part of his sermon on a video with an interpreter telling the people what the Eads Pastor just said. Mr. Imel showed the people some photos of cattle branding out at Rod Brown's ranch. He told the congregation about the difference of living in Kansas and Colorado where the some people are cowboys. Max Owens represented Pastor Mark Imel at the Weisbrod ECU and at Prairie Pines for afternoon Chapel service to give the message and told about Mr. Imel's mission trip. We marveled at the advances in technology that he could send photos to Dawn James' phone and she could project them in church a few hours later in America!

Margaret Frazee was beaming during her 93rd birthday party at the Weisbrod ECU. She was so happy to have her sons, Forrest and Dennis, and her nieces, Lauretta Brown of Eads and Patty Warren of Rolla, Kansas, sitting at the guest table. The staff served angel food cake with ice cream to the guests.

Tim and Sylvia Weeks were happy to have their daughter, Shelby and son and daughter, visit for the weekend from Evans. Friday evening they visited with Jodi and Molly Stolzenberger outside the Maine Scoop Ice Cream shop to enjoy buttered popcorn also. The Stolzenberger family and the Donnie and Ginger McPherson family had a vacation in Lake of the Ozarks where they stayed in a lake cabin.

The Sam and Denise Nelson family enjoyed a camping trip in the Rocky Mountains with the Travis and Dawnette Lessenden family. The photos they shared were incredibly beautiful of the mountains, flowers, and wildlife.

Rich and Koy Glover of Eads are excited that their daughter, Chevaun and Josh Hammer gave birth to a baby girl whom they named Ellie Mae. Chevaun is a pharmacist in Fort Morgan and a graduate of Eads and the University of Colorado. Josh is a graduate of Kit Carson and of the Colorado State University-Pueblo and is a high school educator and coach.

Realynn Riley walked her cute dwarf donkey through the alley to my home. Posie is so gentle and has such big black eyes. Her sister, Rosie, was lonely. We could hear her braying. They will be on exhibit in the Livestock barns during the county fair.

The eventful and amazing happenings are just too numerous to share all the good things that happened in and around Eads when Pastor Russell Parker's youth pastor and his son brought a group of 64 teenagers with adults as drivers, cooks, musicians, and sponsors to Eads. For four mornings part of the group led a lively Vacation Bible School in Eads while other groups went to the Lamar Middle school where they led sports three for camps, Soccer, Basketball, and Cheer. These vibrant teens started off the week with a concert on the Crow-Luther Stage trailer Sunday evening and then the next four nights they sang during the revival in the Plains Theatre. I assure you readers, that this was a really thrilling happening for each night of excellent singing, with outstanding choreography. The words to the songs were projected on the large movie screen so people could sing along. The teens also had moving drama skits and gave personal testimonies. Thursday evening the group hosted a barbeque in the "Horse shoe Park". There was a long line of townspeople who went to accept their hospitality. The teens told us that they loved being in Eads. We think that they probably loved Colorado even more on Friday because they went to various sites around Colorado Springs. These young people came eleven hours away from Neosho, Missouri, and six hours away from Mulvane, Kansas. Pastor Parker thanked the First Baptist Congregation for their support of the huge event.

The Weisbrod ECU Mad Hatter Tea Party was a real hit with the residents and staff last Thursday. Teri Simmons-Castle and Kelly Darnell of the Activity Staff made huge fabric hats similar to the in the "Alice in Wonderland" story. Kelly made cute little colorful hats on headbands so the Residents could wear hats too. Teri arranged the table with gorgeous Alice in Wonderland plates, cookies and candies that we enjoyed. Madonna Pollreis and Georegetta Temple made huge exquisite hats for the party.

My housekeeper from Wiley took her neighbor, Leonard Sniff, shopping Friday in Lamar so I was able tell him that I had read his interesting story published in the western magazine.

It is about five weeks till the Kiowa County Fair so let's get our exhibits ready