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Bent County Harvest Show starts October 2

Windmill and stock tank in Elbert County, Colorado. © Chris Sorensen /
Abby Weber, CSU Extension Agent

The Bent County Harvest Show began in 1942 as the Victory Harvest Show and has since become a long-time tradition to Bent County.

Even at its start, the first Harvest Show was identified as a huge success, with prizes totaling $110.00 and red, blue, and white ribbons distributed to about 100 winners.  

Some Long-time residents may remember that the Victory Harvest Show initially took place in the Decker Building, which was formerly occupied by the Houk Motor Company.  Now, you will recognize that location as the Family Dollar and Dairy Queen parking lots in Las Animas.

During the next several years after 1942, the attendance began to increase and approximately 2,500 to 4,000 people visited the Harvest Show.  Then, in 1944, the Las Animas Merchants hosted a free movie matinee on Friday and Saturday, and a free barbeque at noon in conjunction with the Harvest Show.  

As the Harvest Show grew, exhibits included new additions to keep up with the changing world, but not forget what was being left behind (as antiques).  

This year, the 77th(or 76th) Annual Bent County Harvest Show will be held October 2-4 at St. Mary’s Hall in Las Animas.  Farm products, gardening, flowers, home art and foods of all sorts, as well as the “old” antiques, will be a part of the Harvest Show.  Still, other categories have been added over the years to increase entries allow residents of all ages to participate. 

In addition to the categories already listed, other classes/divisions this year include clothing, construction, needle craft, home furnishings, baked goods, food preservation, handicrafts, art, photography, and produce decorating.  There truly is something for everyone to showcase their talents in these exhibits!

Entries will be accepted Tuesday afternoon, with judging following Wednesday morning. The show is open to the public Wednesday afternoon and Thursday.  

Premiums are paid in each class (1st-3rdplaces).  The Grand and Reserve Grand Champions in each division will also receive $20 and $10, respectively.  Premiums will be paid October 4 at 4:00 p.m.

If you are a resident of Bent County, a 4-H member, or a Bent County school student (even out-of-district), you are eligible to exhibit in this open class exhibit show.  All exhibits must be made or grown by the exhibitor.