A Day in the Life

Michelle Wyckoff - Community Columnist
Published Thursday, May 19, 2016

By Michelle Wyckoff

Embarrassing Moments.  Defined by Me as something impossible to anticipate, rendering the chances for me to "head it off at the pass" out of the question, therefore me having to live with the consequences an irrefutable fact.

Take last Monday.  The problem all started with an earache I'd had for a couple of weeks.  It finally went away three weeks later,  but my left ear is still so plugged up I have trouble hearing out of it. That, plus my head being so stopped up makes me  feel like I'm under water, and I've never been a swimmer.  We had to get rid of the waterbed 30 years ago for that very reason.  One small leak and I could have ended up in Davy Jones' locker.  The very thought still makes me shudder.

It took two weeks for me to get into an Ear Nose & Throat Doc, and I was filled with anticipation.  I blew my nose, and because I'd long since used all my Kleenex, I twirled a strip of TP off the roll for my pocket, but one pocket had my keys in it, the other had my phone in it.  Purse?  Have you seen that thing?  It weighs a bushel AND a peck!  I left it in the car, opted to tuck the TP in the waistband of my jeans, and set out to meet the gal who was going to restore my hearing.  I filled out a mountain of paperwork and took it to "Sarah."

When I got back to my seat I had to blow my nose, but, of all things, my supply of TP was nowhere to be found.  I know there weren't more than 11 people in the waiting room, all with raised eyebrows looking at me when I returned to my seat, because there were only 12 chairs and one of them was mine.  What were they smiling at??  The TP sticking out the bottom of my pant leg was a dead giveaway.  I could hardly use it to blow my nose after that....  


May you be living the good life, Kari Brown!     

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