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EarthTalk – What are the best environmental social media feeds

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Roddy Scheer & Doug Moss

Dear EarthTalk:

What are the best Instagram feeds to follow lately if I’m into environmental activism and fighting climate change?

Bill S., New Orleans, LA

It’s amazing how dominant Instagram has become in the world of social media. Eco-advocates would be remiss to not make use of it to raise awareness and spur action on behalf of the planet. Given Instagram’s limited functionality, activists and groups have to be creative to make the most of the photo-dominant platform to stand out from the crowd. Here are a few of our favorite sustainability-oriented accounts:

Indigenous Climate Action uses its @indigenousclimateaction account to motivate and empower both youth and adults on climate activism by reminding them of the human connections to land, water, community, culture and the sense of responsibility towards future generations exemplified in Indigenous communities. Recent posts featured celebrations of indigenous knowledge, art and culture, and the group also hosts “virtual visits” and information-packed livestreams on Instagram.

Another enlightening account is @intersectionalenvironmentalist, which spreads awareness about how and why injustices happening to marginalized communities and planet health are connected. Posts focus on social justice, environmental justice, art, and community-building around inclusion and sustainability. The producers of the account also platform inspirational speakers on IGTV, Instagram’s video network.

If you’re looking for informative posts displayed in eye-catching styles, check out @futureearth, which cites all its sources and will keep you updated via a variety of different post styles. Their periodic Climate Talks feature informative videos with activists, educators, scientists and green business pioneers.

Meanwhile, activist Isaias Hernandez populates his @queerbrownvegan account with aesthetically-pleasing posts on environmental justice, veganism and zero-waste. One recent post defined the term “conscious consumerism” while another addressed why climate activists tend to burn out so young.

Another timely account to follow is @sunrisemvmt, the Instagram outlet for the Sunrise Movement. Organizers have used Instagram to spread their message to millions of young people who have in turn showed up at rallies, marches, sit-ins, Congressional visits and other direct-action events designed to lever those in power to make smart decisions with climate change, green jobs, sustainability and equity in mind.

Finally, @climemechange uses humor to lighten the mood within the climate movement. After all, laughter has been proven to boost antibody-producing cells, reduce stress and increase blood flow, all important to make sure we keep ourselves healthy while fighting the good fight. Following this account is a good way to fight the eco-depression and climate anxiety we all suffer from, even if just a little.

One way to be an eco-activist on Instagram is to share these accounts’ posts on your own stories, an easy way to spread awareness about the issues made possible by the social platforms we have today.

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