Ease the Tension: Ways to Decompress After High Stress

Ease the Tension: Ways to Decompress After High Stress
Published Wednesday, January 29, 2020
by Feature Staff

Stressful days are incredibly draining. Work and school are overflowing with deadlines, never-ending conversations, and more, and we hardly have the chance to take a deep breath. When we get back from days filled with meetings, exams, or an over-flowing to-do list, it can be quite hard to unwind and relax. Relaxation is an essential part of a good work-life balance, and when we carry the tensions of a stressful day into our home, then the balance is no longer equal. To help level the playing field, below are a few different ways to decompress after high stress. Implement a few of these in your day-to-day and you'll find yourself much happier!

Take a Walk

One of the simplest ways to wind down after a stressful day is to exercise. If you don't feel like heading to the gym or taking a fitness class, then at least head outside for a walk. Even a short walk around the block can help clear your head and soothe the tension from your shoulders and your mind. Better yet, leave any technology at home, so you don't feel tempted to look at anything work-related while you walk.

Start Crafting

There are tons of different health benefits of crafting, and one of those is its fantastic way of calming you down and easing any stress. When you work on a project such as knitting or painting, you're putting your attention on the task at hand and steering it away from work or school-related things. Working on projects with your hands also puts your body into a sort of rhythm, which can also help ease any stress you may be feeling.

Make Your Home a Haven

Now, this tip is something that may take a while to accomplish, but once complete, you'll notice a major shift in your ability to turn off work once you get home. The sooner you declutter your space and create an area that brings you calm and joy, the easier it will be to leave anything stressful from the day at the door. For example, remove any clutter, keep your space clean, add some candles, greenery, and soft touches. You'll notice it's much easier to fall into the comfort of your home than it is to stress about work.

Start Meditating

Meditation is another wonderful way to decompress after high stress as it's something that you can carry with you no matter where you are. Say your morning meeting was stressful and you don't want to carry that tension with you until you get home--meditate. Take five minutes to do some deep breathing exercises and focus on the light inside of you that's capable of joy and happiness. Let that feeling overwhelm you instead of the stress of the meeting. The more you work on your meditation practice, the easier it will be to cut your stress level in half.

Love Your Family

Our final tip asks you to love a little more. When something stressful happens, rather than responding with overwhelm and tension, respond with a little love toward those you admire. Send a message to your mom, hug your kids when you get home from work--no matter what it is, reaching out to your loved ones make those tough moments a little easier. This could be your key way to decompress after those stressful moments!

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