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Sharon Scott - Community Columnist
Published Monday, January 9, 2017
Sharon Scott - Community Columnist
by Sharon Scott

By Sharon Scott

Welcome to 2017.  Don't know where 2016 went, but it surely seemed to fly by fast.  Maybe it's because I'm getting old and slow! The weather has been really cold lately.  I hope most of you survived and didn't have frozen pipes.  We weren't so lucky at the Community Hall, and we're still waiting on a plumber to come fix the broken pipes. 

Hopefully this week we will get everything taken care of.

Dick and I spent Christmas day with my sister Jerene DeBono and her family in Granada.  Kyle had gone home to spend the holidays with his parents and sisters.  Our son Craig and his family flew in on the 27th and Kyle and his sisters, Ryley and Breeanna came to Towner on the 26th to spend the week.  We had our Christmas on the 29th.  Craig and family flew home New Years Day and we took Ryley and Bree to Dodge City to meet their dad on New Year's Day.  The time was short, but we had a great time.

On Wednesday, Dec. 28th, around 35 of the Huddleston clan gathered at the home of Larry Huddleston in Lamar to have Christmas with my mom, Mary Huddleston.  There was good food, great weather and lots of good visiting.

David and Dennill Splitter and family spent the holidays with her family in Wisconsin.  On New Year's Eve, all the Splitter clan gathered at the home of Eugene and Judy Splitter to celebrate their family Christmas.

Cora Coffman hosted dinner and gift exchange with her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren on Christmas Eve at her home.

Susan Greenfield spent the holidays at the home of her dad, Norm in Sterling, CO

Denis and Theresa Weber had most of their family visit over the holidays.

Merle and Carol Shalberg celebrated Christmas evening with lots of family members.  On New Year's Eve, they and Denis, Theresa, Connie, Jerry and Quinton Weber; Bill and Charlotte Woelk and their son Jeff and wife Georgeann; and Larry and Judy Tuttle traveled to Kit Carson to have Prime Rib.  This past Sunday, Steve and Linda Shalberg and boys; Greg and Penni Shalberg and boys and Bill and Charlotte Woelk were dinner guests of Merle and Carol Shalberg in honor of Merle's birthday.  Happy Birthday Merle!

Vern and JoAnn Harris hosted Christmas for all of their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  Lots of good food and visiting.

Larry Tuttle went to Sharon Springs on December 20th to attend the Nursing Home Christmas party with his mom, Bernice Tuttle.  On Christmas day, Larry and Judy went to the Nursing Home and had dinner with Bernice.

Basketball games are in full swing again.  Come on out and support our athletes.

Have a good week!!