East End Events

Published Wednesday, June 7, 2017
by Sharon Scott


I am writing to all of you to inform you that I won't be writing any news articles over the summer.  If you want me back in the fall, I can probably handle it then.  If you can find someone to do it this summer and they want to continue with it, feel free to do that. 

I have really enjoyed writing the article, but am feeling overwhelmed at this point and I have to cut back on some things. 

Thank You,



From the Kiowa County Press Team:

Thank you, Sharon, for all the time and energy you have put into keeping the Kiowa County abreast of the happenings on the East End. In order for a county to grow and work in unison, we all need to know what is happening throughout the county, and you have been a large part of making that happen for many years.

The Kiowa County Press can certainly understand Sharon's need for time for herself and her family. Whenever she wishes to contribute to the newspaper will be most welcome, whether it's a weekly basis or just a line or two every now and then.

If there is someone or group that would like to take turns in sending articles and for the East End -anywhere in Kiowa County for that matter - please email it to kiowacountypress@gmail.com, or use this handy form to submit articles and pictures.

Be sure to include who the byline should be credited too.

Chris Sorensen, Publisher

Jeanne Sorensen, Editor

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