How to make your exercise routine more fun

How to make your exercise routine more fun

Feature Staff

We’ve all been there—one too many boring trips to the gym can kill your drive to exercise. If you want to know how to break a sweat without falling asleep, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for three suggestions to make your exercise routine more fun!

Get ring fit adventure

If you have a Nintendo Switch, we have a suggestion for you! Nintendo has come a long way since the days of Wii Sports and the Wii Fit—their newest fitness game will have you engaging your legs, core, chest, and arms! Ring Fit Adventure comes with a game and an exercise ring—you strap one controller to your leg and put the other in the ring.

Through some magical technology, the switch can sense when you’re running and when you’re squeezing the ring, which you do to move your character and fight enemies. Try it out—it’s surprisingly addicting!

Start indoor climbing

Indoor climbing is one of those activities that you always feel like you can get better at. Each time you take a trip up the wall, you learn a little more about how you can perfect your route. This feeling of consistent improvement makes exercise enticing, and boy, does climbing give you a workout! Upper body, lower body, core—everything burns after a few climbs!

Try an e-bike

If you’re a bit more partial to the outdoors, this suggestion is probably for you. While a traditional bicycle can transition quickly from enjoyable to exhausting, an e-bike doesn’t have that baggage. You can push yourself hard, then back off and let the motor do the work.

It can feel daunting to get back home when you’re tired, but an electric bicycle makes the rest of your journey all but effortless. While e-bikes are pricey, the good news is that you can convert some bicycles into an e-bike with a simple kit!

Now that you know how to make your exercise routine more fun, ditch the dumbbells and start enjoying your workouts!